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Thread: Questions for the Basc AGM

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    Questions for the Basc AGM

    I will be asking some questions of my own at the AGM, if anyone who cannot attend would like a question to be put to the chairman, then I would only be to glad to.

    I shall also after reading some of the posts on this site be putting to the chair how dissilusioned some members are,and point out how valuable members are to a membership organisation and would he be prepared to respond online to some of the concerns that have been voiced here.
    I shall also be asking the same question on


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    Can you please ask this Griff.

    Question 1:

    Many of the ordinary BASC members are only members because of the comprehensive insurance package that the membership of BASC offers. Many members feel that BASC is elitist and cliquey and has no real interest in the ordinary working man that make up the bulk of the membership.

    Pictures showing Champagne drinking toffs in the magazine and on the website do not reflect how we want our membership fees spent. With members more than ever feeling the burden both financially and with new legislation imposed by this government, we look to BASC for leadership in the increasing battle to protect our countryside, our life styles and our freedom to hunt.

    With this in mind how do you intend to win over disaffected members and reassure them that you are fighting for their cause and are fighting it on all levels and not just for the benefit of the higher echelon?

    Question 2

    What does BASC intend to do to bring to the attention of the public the disgraceful treatment of deer by the various anti-hunt owned deer sanctuaries? Too long they have operated with impunity. Is it now the time to grasp the nettle and to expose these sanctuaries for what they really are?

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    Mr B beat me to the punch with his question 2, so make that =1 please, how these things gone almost unremarked upon completely baffles me.


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    Why do we always take the punches and not fight back ?

    We are always told not to rock the boat, but where is it getting shooting by not doing any thing ?

    Tail docking
    New laws for traps/snares
    Antis using H&S laws to disrupt shoots
    Pistol bans

    But wait we have just got a break if you are shooting deer and a fox comes out you can now shoot it Wow weeee !

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    Questions for the Basc AGM

    Griff, Two questions.
    I have heard of people not renewing their Subs. and there doesn't seem to be any contact from BASC asking why. Should the membership department not be contacting people leaving to find reasons and use this information to improve the situation.

    After every Game Fair we are told how many new members have joined but never hear of the numbers that leave over a year. Could this be minuited in the AGM.

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    Hi Griff, just take a few minutes to look at another site when you`ve got time please.
    There is a letter on this site from a guy with the pen name "fortune", he is either my twin, with the same brain waves, or he is a mind reader and he`s read my mind, or he`s sleeping with my wife, because everything he states in his letter, I have already voiced, experienced or thought!.
    There are too many decent, experienced and knowledgeable men feel the same as this guy (and me!). It is much too high a percentage for us to be
    totally wrong.
    And anyway we cannot all be related? and my wife isn`t that fit!.
    I have been in contact with "fortune" and have received his written confirmation for this document to be openly viewed and repeated to BASC hierarchy.
    Site name- click on General Banter, then find-
    "shooting insurance, Who Do You Use" page 2 "fortune"
    Thank you, Tony M.

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    just read the thread from "fortune" unfortunately this is not an isolated member just venting his anger.



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    Hello Griff,
    I'm glad you're willing & able to "nail your colours to the mast" with the BASC. The post by fortune on the pigeon forum seems pretty much to sum up what I as a member of the BASC feel about them. Hope you get them to sit up & take a bit of notice.
    Thanks for your efforts.


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    Look forward to meeting you at the AGM, maybe we can have a chat- I take all these comments very seriously believe me.

    You cant miss me- I'm bald as a coot!

    Also, now I am on the forum I am happy to try any answer any questions from members about the service we offer etc, of course if members don't want to use the forum they could always contact me direct at BASC. or 01244 573021 (direct line)

    Best wishes


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    Thank you Dave and welcome to the Stalking Directory. Will you be at the CLA this year?

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