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    nature watch

    Any members watch this programme for educating the general public. The Presenters informed us that we have herds of wild deer in Richmond Park (they are the only wild deer that wave at you when you enter the park) the presenter informed us at least 3 times about this fact, not the fact that they were unafraid of man,cars ,etc.and have no predators, then informs us that we can all go to Richmond Park and watch the Rutt but don' t get too close or your dog could be attacked .THERE COULD BE TROUBLE AHEAD there was so many inaccuracies, i could not believe it. The programme then went on to educate the masses how to feed urban badgers and foxes in Bristol. this lady cooked some concoction of boiled titbits then proceeded to lay it along this wall for abought 20 yards long (it could have fed abought 30 humans) 2 Badgers and 1 Fox arrived ate for the camera , then the presenter informs us to go to his website to learn how to feed these urban Badgers and Foxe ,and what food to use but try not to over feed them .


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    I can feed them pizza in my back garden and then lead.

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