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Thread: A few pics from the first few days of our moose hunt

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    A few pics from the first few days of our moose hunt

    Hi all,

    Below are some pics from the first fews days of our moose hunt in Norway. I apologise for the quality, they are taken with my mobile phone.

    The quota for our terrain is 13 animals, after four days we have managed to get four animals, two adult bulls and two 1.5 year old bulls.

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    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    I would not like to drag a beast of that size off the hill , looks like you have some serious kit to handle the them .
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    Me and duncan just returned from norway also but alas we did not even see a moose alive but did see some in the larder . We did have some very close acording to the gps on the dog but none appeared into view . On the last night one was wounded and all hunting had to stop as you are not aloud to carry on after dark you must inform the goverment one is woumded and see if a licenced tracker is availiable as only they can track after dark . We had a tracker in our party but his tracking dog was 2 hours away in oslo so. we had to wait till next morning for him to return but alas we had to leave and still dont know the outcome of the moose . It was absolutely brilliant the antisipation as they were saying on the radio one was coming but they never got to us on numerous occasions three did cross the road near duncan and were shot on next doors beat as they could see our dogs working and possitioned them selves in case they went onto there side of the road but thats life. the big black wood peckers were everywhere capercaily and black cock were also seen in most drives we did see the skulls of 2 bears shot on our hunting area last year in all it was really good and the company was first class and we hope to be back next year we would have stayed longer but the wounded one stopped all hunting untill it was found so we came home . when you see what they are shooting at them its an eye opener 9.3 62 and the bullet 283 grains i have 3 taken out of ones shot before we arived never went through were picked up on the oposite side of bullet strike they make our rifle look like pea shooters maybe next time i hope so duncan has some pictures he will post later he said muddy

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    Thanks for the replies

    Quote Originally Posted by wivenhoe65 View Post
    I would not like to drag a beast of that size off the hill , looks like you have some serious kit to handle the them .
    We have what is called an 'elgtrak' which is basically a motorised trailer which has caterpillar tracks to get through the most difficult of terrains and conditions, it also has a winch attached so the animals can be pulled directly into the trailer. For areas where the elgtrek can't go we have a big plastic sled which we can put the animal in and then use a portable winch attached to trees to pull it into a better area. The adult animals in the pics are not particularly large, in our area they do go above 250kg.

    Muddy, it's a shame you never got to see or take an animal, where abouts in Norway were you hunting?

    As for caliber, I'm using 6.5x55 with a 155 grain Lapua Mega

    I'll post more pics as the hunt progresses

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    working over in Norway just now and guy im working with, hes takes a couple every year or so off of his farm / ground up in the mountains...not sure where about.

    i was lokking at his pictures and asked how the hell they get them off of the hill...and he said.....


    apparently guy down the mountain has a chopper and works for a hydro electric company or such like and they slip him some of the meat once butchered and they with a couple o radios rope em up and get off of the hill!!!!!

    they slpit the carcasses between neighbours and fill theri freezers for another wee while


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    It's supposed to be lovely meat, Moose, unfortunately never got to try it. I was supposed to be going on a Moose hunt in Northern Ontario but there were only two of us, we only had a calf tag and eventually the thought of a 20 hour drive, 2 days ferrying bits to set up tent with wood-burning stove and then the hassles of extraction (in the probably unlikely event of actually shooting one) put a stop to it. I suppose it would have been an experience! Just like trying to drive White-tail deer to a line of guns using dogs . No wonder people get shot!

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    Hi Johner, did you get a shot??? I was out last weekend,exactly same bag as you,i saw 2 on sat morning but they where to far out for a shot and where heading in the direction of the next post, although he never saw them...
    Was a shame after a glorious week the weather turned to poo at the weekend....


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    Big beasts...Thank you for that looking forwards to updates

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    Nice one Jonher, Our season starts on Monday but we will hunt on the 21st. Plenty about this year. Saw a cow on friday evening, well the dog winded it before i saw it.

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