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Thread: Scottish Sika Stag

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    Scottish Sika Stag

    Out on Monday in the beautiful Scottish Borders in pursuit of the elusive sika stag.Set off stalking just after first light , a bit chilly and a stiff breeze.

    As I meandered around the forest track I caught sight of a couple of deer emerging out onto a ride , I dropped to the floor but unfortunately it was a hind and calf. I lay watching them for around 10 mins in case a stag appeared but to no avail.

    I then continued and stalked for another couple of hours without seeing anything . I started heading back the way I had come heading for a nice valley and nearly walked right into a stag feeding about 10 yards from me , but he was off

    I then proceeded stalking down a nice valley......

    I spied a roe doe and kid crossing followed by a fox going up the other side , I dropped to the floor and released a round only to see the fox running away up the bank I thought I had missed but on inspection found the young vixen had expired after a short burst of around 30 yards...

    I then stalked to the bottom of the valley and glassed the opposite side spotting a stag and 2 hinds about 500 yards away.

    The stalk was on , crossing dead ground quickly and eventually arriving around 180 yards from the stag which was facing broadside at the edge of the trees, No time to waste I placed the crosshairs on the stags neck and fired. The stag was poleaxed on the spot

    I was buzzing with elation at having succeeded after a long days stalking , I had been out from 7am til 5 pm.

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    Great story!, however you didnt mention the drag home....... That looks a heavy stag ??

    Well done


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    Great read fella and quality pics.

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    Cracking write up and good pics.


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    Great days stalking mate


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    Very good, well done mate

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    Very good result well done, enjoyed the read and pics, nice short drag to the road !!!!!


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    Sounds like the perfect end to an already eventfull stalk!! Nice one.

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    Well done mate, you put in the time and got your reward. Very nice

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    Cracking write up well done. Excellent pictures too.


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