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    Which Moderator

    Hi all,
    I am looking at a new 243 (Howa 1500 ) and not having a mod on my old gun , can anyone suggest one for the Howa
    Thanks Brian

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    All the ASE mods are good (compact, S5 and northstar) and the Compact is totally bombproof in its build. I see that Brugger and Thomet mods are now hitting the civilian market and previous experiences can recommend these with great confidence they are however, still expensive by comparison.

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    Cumbrian, having got a couple of T8's ( which are very good, both bought as part of a package, but very heavy) I would suggest looking at one of the lightweight modular moderators. Jager, Roedale and A-tec are all very similar in design, the Roedale is interesting as its baffles were university designed to give the best noise reduction.

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    i would have the compact from ase also. i have two of there cqb mods on the 22cf rifles. and there superb and very well built.
    the 3rd eye tactical range of mods will be worth a look also. i know a couple of people that have them and there superb so they say.
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    ASE get my money every time.

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    i have a wildcat on my 243 howa , its a bit heavy mind u but it does the job , hope u get on well with your howa , mine shoots like a dream . can get 3 shots in a 1/2 in group at 100 m

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