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Thread: SD deer dog training day

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    SD deer dog training day

    hi guys
    i hav been training my lab bitch sika (10 months old) specificaly for deer
    and was just wandering how many others on the site are in the same proceedure as my self , and how far hav you got?
    the reason for this question is what if we could hav a meet up like a sort of training day maybe a couple of the more experienced dog trackers amongst us may turn out and offer some advice to us as a group
    i hav the ground to where to put a few trails on and the knowledge for basic obeidence plus through what i hav experienced with sika
    it would be a non formal day , all ages from pups to mature trained dogs would be welcome , as well as non dog owners who were hoping to get a deer dog but not too sure on how to train one

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    dog training

    i must have the craziest deer dog going sees no fear go straight in stags bucks what have you . But i would assist in this venture with STONE and bring my crazy animal along . I have over the years had terriers labradors and now a GSP all worked deer but none like this one hes mad . But hand on heart if i have found blood hair or bone this dog has not missed yet, next day no problem . I would gladly give up my time on this one and probably learn a lot myself , but i cant vouch for my dog on this one as there will obviously be distractions and no tongue to chew of a carcass as he usualy does when he finds one MUDDY

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    deer taining for dogs

    I have about 5 bottles of blood in my freezer so we could use them hopefully depending when it is we could have some fresh carcasses to drag about to lay a trail or fresh skins to use in conjunction with the blood trails this makes it easier for the dog to work on and something at the end of trail for them to find with some kind of reward on them . I used to give mine a kidney but he got fed up of waiting for one and started eating the tongues that are usualy hanging out the side of the mouth when dead .

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    muddy many thanks for the offer of blood and skins, after watching you talking to rob about his springer mia , i thought how much newcomers into the sport rely on the educated to help out , i hav a few tubs of blood and a couple of skins in the freezer which i was keeping incase a member was looking for some to help give them a start
    thanks for the offer of help and if we hav enough interest i shall take you up on that aswell as you muddy
    i was looking some time in august or early september , i have enough ground to set up a few trails from 20 yards for the pups upto what ever some one thinks for the more advanced upto the most experienced amongst us , my main idea was more for the beginner or those with little or no experience at all looking to get into it hoping those that know will kindly help out
    for those that don't know me i am in the midlands and the ground is in warwickshire just for a reference point, i am not a professional dog trainer , though i hav workrd for one ,just some one trying to help like those that hav so kindly helped with sika

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    Hi stone

    Hope all is going well with Sika
    Keep me posted on dates etc I,m not far away in Evesham


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    I would be very interested dependant on venue. Ive decided to start training my spanieldor to track. At present Im saving bottles up to start collecting blood. I only made this decision to train her on friday. Keep me informed please.


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    dog days at stones

    After a realy enjoyable friday evening with your self you have the ideal ground for training dogs with all those cross rides and easy access trees not to thick so you could get through easily . We could easily lay trails and move a carcass to the end of the trails without the people at the start knowing so the dog has something at the end of the trail to have a go at or bark at depending what you want them to do . Hope this gets of the ground as it will be a great day , you better lock up your pheasants as my dog dont care who they belong to in his mind they are all his .MUDDY

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    Its a shame the training day will be in Aug -Sep. If it had been in the autumn the weather is a bit cooler and damper. Better for training novice dogs If it had been in the autumn i would have come over and given my penny worth of what i have learnt here in Sweden. Reading some of the threads on the deer dogs and tracking side many people are as clueless as i was about what makes a good deer dog and what a dog can do. I have had dogs for deer stalking for over 35years and it was only when i came here and did a couple of courses i realised how little i knew. Also how simple it is to train a dog for tracking wounded deer and not just have a dog that will find deer you could have found yourself.
    If you ever have a training day later in the year i will Ryan air it over for the week end.
    Laid a trail for the taxen at 8.00 this morning. it was a short one only 300 mtrs with 2 rightangle turns of 10-15 mtrs with out blood. when i took the dog out at 12.30 it was 29c. That made the little bitch struggle a bit but she cleared it quite well.

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