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Thread: AW in North Yorkshire

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    AW in North Yorkshire

    Hi Guys,

    I know theres a list of AWs in the DSC2 pack up but i thought i would see if theres anyone on here who is an AW (not an ICW) and can travel to me to do a couple of stalks. I am willing to cover costs.

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    ff john at yorkshire roe stalking is an aw and the doe season is coming up for icr records hes in your area
    atb tom

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    Cheers Tom, i have the land to stalk on and need someone to come to me.. Think i may be sorted but thanks anyway.


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    ffm try bill evans in billingham he does a bit of stalking in north yorkshire and he is on the list of aws but if you pm me i can give you his number
    atb tom

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