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Thread: emergency vet care

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    emergency vet care

    Hi guys,

    I was out with my Lab Max early this morning. he pushed through a hedge and as he did so he let out a yelp. I never really thought anything of it till i was stood under an oak tree and Max shook his head and the blood sprayed up my face. on inspection he had torn a great big chunk of his ear and it was flapping about. not much i could do so i took him back to the car and headed for home as quick as i could. as I drove through pontesbury i noticed there was a car on the Vets car park so i swung in (by this time the back of my car looked like i had gralloched a deer in) the lady who runs the vets was in early to check on some animals. she got Max straight in and put a dressing on his Ear to stop the blood. I asked her to keep him there and treat him but she was reluctant as i'm registered with another vet up the road but she did offer to ring them for me as it was still only 8:00. It suddenly dawned on me that i had not got a penny on me to pay her, she told me not to worry as it was only a few quids worth of materials. Max has been in the vet for a general and is lying down by me now recovering with his head wrapped up like a mummy. I got some cash and went to see the vet at pontesbury to settle up. She didn't expect to see me but we had a good chat about working dogs and she was very complimentary of Max. I told her that this was the second time in 2 years that one of the dogs had cut himself on something and needed emergency treatment and i asked what was the dressing she had used on Max as i fancied some to keep in the car. No problem she said and went and got me a box of treatplast dressing, some wadding and then spent nearly an hour explaining the best way to use it.
    When i asked her how much i owed her she told me 5. that was for sorting max out and all the dressing she used, a buster collar and the stuff she gave me. Top lady i am considering moving vets. From now on i will deffinately be keeping a dog first aid box in the car.


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    A good person in a cruel world, what a change!

    Hope your dog is on the mend soon and I would be changing vets for service like that

    All the best


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    Ear cuts tend to bleed massively with little damage. the tips of ears are the worst in my opinion and can be the hardest to stop bleeding. One tip I learned in the past was to carry a can of alu spray in the car, it was a can of aluminium spray that can be used to seal cuts, it didn't contain any disenfectant though so the wounds still need thoroughly cleaned when you get home.

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    not many vets like her about,still good to hear that there is people willing to help and not just look at the pound signs walking in.

    good on her

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    wISH i WAS CLOSER. my springer cut a knuckle. 79 plus coppers. Strangely enough my excess on the policy is 80 so no claim.

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    Is the dressing anything like a dressing you would find in a normal car first aid box for instance? I suppose as long as you are steming the flow and allowing it to clot most dressings would work?

    Certainly all food for thought... Hope the dogs recovering well...


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