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Thread: Browning Meddalist 20 bore

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    Browning Meddalist 20 bore

    I got this on a whim, not sure why as i already have a 20 bore and have decided i just dont need it.
    Its less than 12 months old and has only fired 50 shells. Very light weight and ideal for carrying around all day. It takes up to 3 inch shells has selective barrel changer and is an ejector.
    There is a slight scratch on the stock due to me letting someone borrow it for a shoot day grrrr.
    Its going for 480 face to face or via rfd at cost.

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    Silly me too, bother and blast.
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    Silly me old post
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    what chocke's as it got? iam near huddersfield and mite be intrested
    thanks luke

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    Can you tell me the length of the barrels please?

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    Please read the advert this is over a year old !!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Please read the advert this is over a year old !!!!!!!!
    ...and whats wrong with an advert being a year old if the item hasn't sold, hasn't been marked as sold, and someone else has posted to bring it up to the top???

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    Hell was this still on, I forgot about it, yes maffs it was sold last year


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