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Thread: Game dealer rates for boar.

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    Game dealer rates for boar.

    Just curious really. What are the current rates for boar per kilo?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure what my guys rates are, but he won't take one unless he has a client request so he can sell it on!

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    Since had some PM's. Thanks for the reply. I just wondered how it compard to farmed boar here in Derbyshire.

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    I was quite curious about the answer to the original post too. Why only PM's?

    Is the price of boar secret squirrel?


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    Dont no Alex, but when i had a chance to shoot a couple NO Game Dealer would touch them Disease, License different to Deer and bird's, Perhap's those shooting Boar in England can explain?????????

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    hi mj gamedeeler price up here is 2.50 per kilo with head on as
    a test has to be taken from the mouth for trichinella

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    In Germany the trichinella test requires samples from both the muscle flesh in the shoulder and the diaphragm.
    Check out what the boar best practise says (or does not say).

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    AFAIK there are no specific legal requirements for treating wild boar in any way differently to wild deer being put into the food chain (by whatever route). "The Food Standards Agency has 'no long term proposals for feral wild boar other than to encourage hunters to take a sample of wild boar and send it to a laboratory for testing for trichinella with all the costs being met by the Agency' "

    The trichinella testing is voluntary and the hunter can obtain test kits and analysis FOC from the FSA

    Best Practice doesn't really say a lot other than essentially 'refer to deer'

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