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Thread: A Munty????, surely not??

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    A Munty????, surely not??

    This last few months, I have had two separate, (sensible / credible) guys tell me they have come across Munties, within 11 miles of Chester!, one legging it across a road junction at 06.30 am & the other in nearby woodland when walking his dog during a late afternoon, IF these are genuine sightings, & not of the same single beast, can you imagine Delamere forest & its surrounds being populated by these little fella's?
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    Don't get me excited...i'm right on the edge of Delamere

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    Doesn't surprise me. They've been in Derbyshire now for a while, so why not Cheshire? Good news all round.

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    I hope your witnesses are correct... Munties up here would be just the job.

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    Yep we live on Notts Derbys border and I saw adecent size Munty on our lane the other night and my old dog killed one quite a few years ago that he chased out of some brammles into a barb wire fence, I had never seen one before and thought it was some weird alien lifeform, which is exactly what it is in essence
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    I've heard it said a few times over a couple of years that there are munties in and around Delamere. Here's hoping!


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    Yep I've heard of Munties around Delamere & Vale Royal area - maybe they will work their way up to Macclesfield area, there's some good ground that would hold them.


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    They are in Staffs, just 15 miles away from me here in S Cheshire. And my farmers thought me mad when I signed up their farms with deer included!! You never lets just keep hoping!!

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