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Thread: why you should keep your eyes open

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    why you should keep your eyes open

    i have just come back from a small farm just down the road from me as the farmer had asked me to take a look at the rooks hiting the freshly drilled crops, anyway i have just arived and i see a young bloke mid 20's walking down the road and i decide to sit tight until in the car till he goes so as he doesnt see the rifle when as he walks past the back of the car i see his hand going for the car passanger door so i slam the central locking down and he try's for a second door on the back this time so i shout at him and he comes round to my door and he is total off his head with a spliff hanging out of his mouth wanting a lift to any where as he needs to get away from where he is and he is making absolutly no sense at all. i'm just glad i hit the central locking before he could open the door because god only knows what would of happened if he had grabbed the rifle and the s??t i would be in now so it just goes to show people just keep your eyes open when you have your guns on you because you just never know. and if your wondering i left as soon as he did and went to another part of the farm and 10mins later 3 cop cars were down there picking him up, i let them know what had happened and all they said was he was a very confused man and should i really have a rifle in my car even tho i was on my way out shooting

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    "should you really have a rifle in your car even if your going shootin?" !!!!!!

    thats what we're up against...and they let him become a copper?!!! scary

    how the hell do you think the rifle gets to the shoot? mind over matter beam up scotty????


    my pal had same happen to him once guy jumps in demanding to be taken somewhere ..out of his weapons on him mind...wife was at hole in the wall ih high st on friday nite..he was parked in motor....killed engine..removed keys .got out walked rounf hauled him out motor on to pavement on his ass.wife in car and away they go....covered his ass by phone call to coppers with description in case the guy gets call in problem sir..have a nice night!

    more like it ...common sense

    must admit i usually have central locking on when im in motor if im carrying weapons


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    So for those of you in the South that are going on the SD weekend, drive the 500 miles or so to make sure the coast is clear.......................................
    then come back for your rifle and bits. The bollox that some shooters have to put up with.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    i gerneraly do have the car locked if guns are with me especially in town as you just never know

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    Sometimes on driving back home from foxing in the early hours, I need to travel through the city centre, being a landrover, the motor hasn't the highest level of security, so I regulate my progress to coincide with the green traffic signals being lit, .... amazing how many drunks or groups engaged in fisticuffs, & other unsavoury looking types are about.
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    i know what you mean finnbear i avoid the town centre when i come back from lamping, i also had a whole group of lad once when i was out lamping get a bit close to me when i had the rifle. basical we were in the middle of nowhere when we came across about 6 young lads all drunk and lost down a farm track, i was on the back and i stay dead still as the keeper spoke to them so as they wouldnt see me and the gun but one of the eagle eyed scrotems spoted me and asked are you hunting as he took a step towards me i told him in a firm voice stay back but he took another step looking to get close to the rifle to have a look at it so me being a big lad (6ft tall 20 stone, its not all fat before you ask ) stood up and hollered get the f??k back now which did the trick as all of them jumped and the kiddy whom i shouted at nearly started crying but again it could have gone really wrong really fast but we spent the rest of night laughing about it

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