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Thread: Federal 85g .243 win Sierra GameKing BTHP

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    Federal 85g .243 win Sierra GameKing BTHP


    Anyone tried this off-the-shelf ammo for Roe. I know the Sierra GameKing is supposed to be an excellent performer for both accuracy and expansion, but I haven't tried it. Test shot 20 rounds with my .243, and they seemed pretty accurate, but I'm interested in other people's opinions. I currently shoot Norma 100g SP, which is great for Roe, but I'm not shy of experimenting. Would the 85g stabilise better in my 1:10 twist Sako 75? What's the deal with dropping lower than 85g, is that better with faster twists than 1:10?

    thanks in anticipation,


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    I have just loaded some 85gr Sierra BTHP for my Sako 75 stainless and you get 3 shots touching at 100 yards, and this was the first batch out of the reloading press so no need to spend ages experimenting luckily. Have not shot deer yet though.

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    I load the same heads for my zkk601 not tried them on roe yet but I get a true 1/2" group at 100 yards with them.

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