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Thread: fuel for tilley lamps

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    fuel for tilley lamps

    ive been given a brass tilley lamp ,the type with the glass shield cotton mantle and pump on the side ,i was just wondering if anyone knows what type of fuel it takes ,obviously i dont want to blow my self up

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    Quote Originally Posted by nemo View Post
    obviously i dont want to blow my self up
    You might not want to blow yourself up, but what was the intention of the person who gave you the lamp?

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    Parafin or kerosene.
    You need to know how to prime it properly with meths first though or else you will just blacken the mantle with soot and it'll be ruined!
    Best to find someone to show you how to do it as it is a bit of an art to know when to 'pop' it onto the main fuel.
    Good luck!

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    H mate having used these lamps in the army ... you need meths to heat the mantle, and the vapourising tube.

    pm me

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    cheers boys seems a bit technical ,ill try it with parrafin

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    Just Google "how to light a tilley lamp', there's loads on there:

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    lol many a hetic dark morning i have spent trying to get the little rescal lit lol

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    Not rocket science but make sure you never, ever touch the mantle once it has been lit. No I don't mean when it is hot. the mantle is very fragile and any touch will hole it, end of story. Below the mantle is a cup shaped heat chamber. Int this pour meths. Light the meths. Pressurise the parafin tank. once the heat builds up slowly open the tap. If it is ready it will pop and start to light the mantle . if it is not ready it will burn. Switch of tap and wait a bit longer. The mantle will burn out into a globe shape similar to a small wasp nest and much more fragile yet it will hold for ages if not touched,

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    Mine has a small spring loaded 'split cup' into which you pour methylated spirit to pre heat the mantle prior to introducing the paraffin to the lamp, works every time and a cracking lamp.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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