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Thread: IMR 4198 in the .222 Remington with 55 grn bullets.

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    IMR 4198 in the .222 Remington with 55 grn bullets.

    OK spent some time at the range today with the .222 now as this was just soem practice and trigger time I picked up a box of 55 gr Hornady FMJ's for 15;40. Now I had some IMR 4198, old stock as it is in the Red flat tin and not the modern plastic tubs. Now up until now I had been shooting the 55 Grn Nosler Balistic Tips and some Hornady 55 grn SP's loaded over 19.0 grains of IMR 4198 with fair results.

    Anyway as I am using a different bullet even if it's the same weight so i got the books out and the dies etc and took a look at what they say. Hmmmm confusion as Speer #13, Hodgdons #26 and Ken Waters pet loads all give different charge weights.

    I looked at the lee powder scoop chart and noticed that the 1.6cc one was near where I wanted to be then noticed that this is the size lee supply with the dies . So I poured some powder into the ceramic dish i use and filled a scoop levelled it off with a card and weighted it. 20.0 grains spot on....Hmmmm 20.0 grains is a 100% load. The FMJ bullet was tested for COL and once found that was reduced 0.015" so none would be jammed into the lead. The COL turned out to be 2.174" so the cartridges were loaded to that. I can play with the seating depth slightly at a later date.

    Now the cases were brand new Lapua mouths deburred and primed with CC! 400 on the Lee hand primer. After weighing the first four charges and finding no difference bewteen them i went to weighing every 5th one and they were very consistant

    At the range they shot reasonably a bit of playing with the seating depth should tighten it up a bit and the cases extracted very slickly aand primers still have rounded edges. Now comes the rub:-

    Another ememebr had the clubs chronograph out so once he had finished i fired a few through it to find out what they are givign velocity wise. The new load of 20.0 grns IMR 4198 gave and average of 3200 fps which is about 200 fps MORE than the books claim

    The Nosler BT's have an average of 3002 fps and the Hornady 55 grn SP's 2931. Now the Extreme spread fo each were 61 fps, 59 fps and 53 fps so now the cases are fire formed I'll do a retest and see if they improve the ES figures. AS THE VELOCITY OF THE FMJ's IS A BIT UP ON WHAT IT SHOULD BE on the way home I called into Forest Lodge guns and picked up a box of 50 grain Sierras to try with the 20.0 grain load. The dro in weight should help the pressures a bit Although there are no signs of excessive pressures but the velocity tells me that it's bit high soooooooooooooooo .

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    I have found that 20 grains was a bit warm for the 55 grain bullets and even is touch warm for the 52 and 53 grain match bullets from my Winchester. (If I remember rightly, 20 is just at MAX with the 55ers as Hodgdon lists it, but then the pressures are the anemic 42K.) I settled on 18.5 grains a while back and get good results and good speeds. Accuracy is excellent. The .222 is a wonderful cartridge.

    I'll have to check my set of Lee Collet dies and see what they supplied with mine.~Muir

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    have you tryed the speer 50 grain tnt bullets. they very accurate in 222. and make ''shall we call it very hummane damage on what ever they hit'' !

    not shot 55 grain bullets in my 222 yet. as i like to stick to lighter bullets. which i think suite it better.

    if i want to shoot the 55's i put them in the 22/250. love the 222 though its superb

    ps ave you tryed reloader 7 with 40 and 50 grain bullets. very good indeed

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    I must admit my eyes bugged a bit when the first shot over the chrono came up with 3228 fps as that was like 200fps more than i was expecting to see. The BSA Regent has a 24" barrel which does help a little but not that much! Now the only signs to be found on the cases to tell the pressure has been higher is that when measuring the pressure ring just ahead of the web it's 0.001" larger and that's too much. We will see how the 50 grain Sierra's do. One thing is that I will have to acquire a full length sizer now as I have a bunch of Sako brass from the Baikal MH18 that will not chamber in the BSA until it is sized fully.

    Then I will need some more IMR 4198 and that might be a little problematic we shall see.

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    I was going to tell you that I looked at my Collet Die set and the dipper is a 1.3CC. That got me thinking so I looked on Lee's website and found that the 1.6CC is the replacement part for the .222 die set so I must have just stuck it in there at some point as it corresponds to the 18.5 grain load of 4198 I have been using.

    If 4198 is a problem, another good load is with 4895 powder. Your 1.6 CC dipper should give you around 2800 fps with that 55 grain.~Muir

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    So far I have only used 55 grain bullets as that's what is mostly available around here it seems, for a reasonable price anyway. The bullets tried so far are:-

    Hornady 55 grn V-Max
    Hornady 55 grn SP
    Nosler 55grn Balistic Tip
    Hornady 55 grn FMJ BT

    The powders tried so far are:-

    IMR 4198
    Reloader 7

    I also have some H-335 and Varget. I will try the IMR 4198 with the Sierra 50 grainers and also the Reloader 7. It's nice to know that the 55 grainers can be driven so quickly from this barrel. I am thinking the 55 grn Hornday SP at 3200fps would be good for Scottish Roe not to mention CWD should I come across one.

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    Well, BLc-2 will be a good one. I like 3031 as well.

    You got me all fired up! I pulled my Deuce from the back of the safe and retired the Hornet for the time being. I'll be loading some .222 tonight. I think the last load I was working with was 22.0 of 3031 and a 50 grain TNT. Shoots bug hole groups. Funny... I remembered my Model 70 as having a gritty trigger. I re-examined it today and found it nice but for a tiny bit of creep. It is a lot heavier than my beloved Hornet though...

    I got within easy rifle shot of a record book antelope buck yesterday. He was a real monster. The .222 would have put him down hard... I wish I could remember to apply for a permit by June 1st!! ~Muir

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    Doh!!!! Now that is one thing we DO NOT HAVE TO DO and about the only thing I think that has you beat. Even when we needed a Game Licence it was just walk into the Post office and buy which one you wanted and the only difference was the colour and the length of time valid. Me I usually brought the red one lasted nearly a year for the grand sum of 6 ( about $9 US).

    Ahhh the BSA is not that light either all up weight with scope and leather sling is 8lbs 10 1/2 oz. The rifle just with leather sling weighs 7lbs 6oz. At the moment it's go a the big Simmons 6-18x40AO competition air gun scope fitted for the load testing. This scope has 1/8 MOA adjustments and should allow me to really test the ammo properly .

    Now you would like the BSA in fact I think I would ahve to pry it out of your hands true short action Mauser type extractor medium weight tapered 24" barrel and it has an adjustable trigger as std. If the load suits then if.......................................... IF I do my bit I think it will chew out tiny ragged holes from the target. With the less defined scope it had on it before I have shot 5/8" groups with it so with the finer reticle and the better magnification it should be possible to tighten the groups. Only time will tell if I can in fact do it.

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    Antelope is an odd thing here. The State-wide policy is that it id permit-by-lottery-draw but in my neighborhood, they are everywhere. Not uncommon to see couple of hundred a day. Deer require a license but the fees go to game management so I don't complain. I buy my tags at the local gas station for about $20 for the initial, and $13 for each successive doe tag. I currently have a herd of 30+ mule deer under my thumb on some land that only I hunt on. I hope to snag one with the 7x57 on opening day and follow with another the next morning with the .308 Brno... after which I will leave them alone for another year.

    You're right. The BSA would probably get my DNA all over it: Sweaty palms, and all.

    I shot my latest Model 640 Husqvarna (correctly, a Model 648 as it is a 640 in 8x57) with some seriously flawed 206 grain cast bullets. These bullets were heattreated nose down as an experiment and they partially melted on the nose. I had three bullets from a previous (good) batch and they shot into 2" off of a rather loose rest at 60M but the damaged ones! I got 6" groups! That was OK as I just wanted to test the function of this rifle, not the accuracy. I did make a front sight hood last night. You'd have appreciated the "set-up" I used. Pretty bizarre! Made it fast and accurate though! ~Muir

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