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    Bi-pod copy

    Has anyone actualy had a copy of a Harris bi-pod go wrong ?
    I have three altogether and never had a twinge from any one of them ??
    I havent even heard any stories about one going wrong ?(thats not to say there arent any stories).There must be thousands of them out there .

    I only thought of this because one was turned down in the for sale section because it was a copy .

    Yet if we go to a garage and get the car fixed,its usualy aftermarket copy parts that are used !


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    I have 2 and had the same problem with both. One of the nuts that hold the leg hinge pin have come loose and falled off. I replaced them with NyLok nuts and problem solved.

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    mmm as I posted on the ad.... I have two Harris non swivel Bi-Pods both brought used and ahhhh have now found the name Harris Ultralite 1A2 on them the H is obviously for High and the L for low. You know I had never really looked at them just used them occasionally. Now I have seen a genuine Harris broken as it happened to a club member but that was years ago before the copies were eve heard of. My H one has a replacement screw to tighten it up as the previous owner I assume lost it.

    I had not considered buying one of the copies as I rarely use the two I have now. However the chap at the range was using a different type more like the Old P-H Bi-Pod and well I wouldn't mind one of those even if it does not get used much.

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    I've got a couple of genuine Harris bipods and never had a problem. I bought a mickey mouse copy of one for occaisional use and sent it straight back to the seller. The build quality was rubbish. Not saying they are all the same but, as with most things, you get what you pay for. JC

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    I had the spot weld brake on the base of one, I just Tig welded it up proper, been fine scince. I have used a Harris Base with cheap copy legs fitted to it on my other pod, this is the Bi-pod I use for stalking most of the time.



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