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Thread: my first sika Sd 2010

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    Thumbs up my first sika Sd 2010


    Just back from Sd2010.

    What a week i have had so i will start with my first deer.
    on the tuesday morning i was paired up with Robin.
    We had discussed with everyone what we all wanted and as i was a mean tight individual i was on spiker hunt ha ha.
    Robin offered to accompany me on my stalk.
    We drove to our drop off point with Malc and Dave.
    following a short walk we split in to out two groups, one high and one low ( Robin and I )
    We walked the area for approx two hours stalking all the areas thouroughly.
    Slkamalc has some ground by the way, it was awesome just to see it let alone get the chance to stalk it..
    once we had gone as far as we where happy to we started our route back, we had spooked a deer in the trees and with a whistle it was gone.... never even seen it.
    On our way back Robin had said to check all the open areas for deer as we go back, walk spy walk spy.
    It was not long before we seen a deer at approx 900/1000 metres away.
    We identified it as a small stag ( a stags a stag ok ) ha ha.
    robin discussed with me the route to take and off we went.
    Following him, the long way round i may add, we where soon exactly where he said we would be. I was like a kid in a sweety shop panting like crazy. i couldnt see it and thought it was away.
    Nope there he is Robin says and boy was i happy. Dont think he realised how close he was to getting clubbed to death by my sticks haha.
    He said we will have to go down the small burn and get closer to him as he is now 200 yards out. i
    We go down the burn and then on all fours crawl out to a stump for the shot.
    He is now 160 yards out and right in front of me is a small tree so no shot.
    i signal back to robin, who is now watching for reaction to shot on the stag that i have to go forward once again.
    Following a three metre crawl i have a good shot position and good line of sight.
    I give robin the heads up and shots away.
    I reload as quick as i can but nothing no movement....
    Robin says he's down, and with that i stand up and glass the area.
    We follow up slowly as the reputation of sika is, if he can get up he will.
    No stone dead no reaction, my first ever sika.
    I carried out the gralloch and back to larder.
    Absolute gem of an animal at 68lb from memory.
    Robin Thanks so very much for all your help.

    here he is, he aint no munty

    atb f.

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    Well done Frank (and Robin). Spiker played for and got - can't get a better result than that!

    It was a pleasure meeting you,

    all the best,


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    Well done Frank, you got what you set out for, what more could you ask.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    well done im still to get my first sika
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    made up for you Frank a moment you will treasure for ever, and well done to ALL the guy's who made it come true for you

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    Well done Frank. I remember coming back to the cottage and seeing your face with a smile on it from ear to ear.

    It was a pleasure meeting you and sorry you suffered with that migrane for a few days, but all was well in the end mate.


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    That my friend is three days i wish never to repeat, that sleep on Wednesday morning and the tablets from tain did the trick.
    glad you all got home safe and well.


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    well done frank, a nice write up mate. it was a great week and it was great meeting all of you. some very happy stalkers all round

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    A great result mate


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    my first sika Sd 2010

    I suppose I ought to add a few of my photographs just to set the scene.

    Attachment 2952
    The shooting test - "not under any sort of pressure"

    Attachment 2953

    "Top guide" mithering on about my first successful stalk to anyone who wasn't quick enough to escape including Baden Powell, Malc, Dave and Ken.

    Attachment 2954
    Another satisfied customer. The cottage that we stayed in is just over my shoulder, so the drag home wasn't so far.
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