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Thread: How do you train a puppy?

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    How do you train a puppy?

    Hi Folks,
    I'm looking at getting my first deer dog this year and I would really like to know how to start training it from day one. It will be a house dog rather than a kennel dog, but I will be getting a large cage for it to sleep in.

    I am hoping that one of you fine people could write an article on basic dog training? Any offers?

    Many thanks in advance. Steve.F

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    deer dog

    you already have the very man as your buddy in STONE if you follow his guidance you wont go far wrong ,i will put in my two pennarth . But first of all do you want a dog as a constant companion every time you go out hes there do you want him for any other use rough shooting picking up ect or do you just want a dog when you get in the **** and have lost one ,these are normaly kept in vehicle untill you need them There are that many options and breeds to choose from now its a minefield .Obviously you will talk to others and get feed back , STONES dog day should be good as you should get to see an assortment of dogs on the day hopefully it will happen as we already have feed back on this one MUDDY

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    Hi Muddy,
    I'm looking for a dog that will become my shadow at all times. When I'm on the site I expect to be able to reach down and pat his head. When I'm out on the deer I want him at my heel. So I need to know what type of dog I require to behave in that fashion. He will be a deer dog as I don't really do much bird hunting, and of course 'He' may turn out to be a 'She'.

    I'm looking at GWPs, Labs and Bavarians. That's my short so far.

    Many Thanks mate.

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    deer dogs

    i entirely agree with you no your assessment but labs seem to come half trained from the of .I have had three labs that would work deer and a terrier i still have a lab and a terrier both are now 11 so a bit past it .I now work a GSP pure german blood lines he is the bees knees but crazy i use him for all kinds of shooting wildfowling pheasant shooting picking up dogging in everything you can imagine . this dog is with me at all times as i keeper on two shoots and from july on wards he is out every day with me . I did consider a wirehair but this one was free the previous owners still kicking himself for letting him go

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    If i was just getting a dog for deer i would go for the Bavarian. As pete E said the GWP can be a bit of a handfull. The teckles are very good. Nice to have around the house but they will bugger off and start hunting if you take your eye of them. I hunt with mine so no problem.

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    Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla.

    Complete all rounder, always willing to please, fantastic temperament.

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    Thanks for all the advice Gentlemen, I certainly need to sit down and have a think about my options. Any dog I have will need to fit in with my two lurchers and two Jack Russells
    Hi Mudman,
    Well that's a new one on me mate! I have never seen a dog like that. I had better get on to Googgle and get some info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete E
    Not to start a pissing match, but GWP's have a reputation for being a bit sharp and hard headed, especially the ones with strong German blood lines and are perhaps not the best dog for a novice to start with.

    GWP's can and do make for an excellent deer dog, but they can have "issues" around kids, strangers and other dogs/pets..The recommendation I had was to look at GSP's and Labs as they tend to be a bit more social when not being worked and still make excellent deer dogs..

    Having seen assorted deer dogs of various breeds over the years , I would tend to agree with this assessment although I have to say I have always had a hankering for a GWP myself..
    the gwp are the only dog i would have for stalking ,my bitch in 8 in a few weeks she will pick on deer from long ranges and point them from 100 yrds down they are a very friendly dog they love company .the only thing with them in no grey areas black or white yes or no . i have a pup in training at the moment so its all good fun hear ,i like bitchs there smaller and easy the manage .best of luck

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    Training a deer tracking dog

    Beowulf asked for tips on training a deer for tracking. So here is training a dog Swedish style.

    In the picture there are the things i use when training. first the blood. I buy mine from the supermarket (cow blood) and i water it down 50% with water. I put it in a washing up liquid bottle and keep it in the freezer.

    The hoof on a piece of string for laying the scent of deer.

    Then there is the harness. I like the harness better than a collar as i think it does not restrict the dogs breathing like a collar does.

    The tracking line. I have a fancy one in leather but i always use the plastic one as it slides over obstacles and does not get so snagged up on branches and bushes. The tracking lead is so usefull as you have control over the dog. If you have ever tracked a gut shot deer or one with a leg wound with a free running dog you will know how the deer will keep getting up and running on. With the dog on the long lead it is possible to get a shot at the deer before it runs of again.

    The bits of coloured tape on plastic cloths pegs. These are used to mark the start of the trail and which way the trail go's. I use two tapes of different colours when i make a rightangled turn with no blood. If you are like me a forgetfull old git its easy when you come to do the trail, 8 hours later to remember where you started and which way you went.
    Then we have the tracking device as advertised by a firm that sells tracking gear in the UK. Great bit of kit if you are hunting deer with a dog like i do. But a waste of money for tracking.

    Teaching your dog basic obedience you can learn from any gun dog training book. Basic obedience should be taught the same as if you were training any other gun dog.

    Deer carcases and deer skin have no part in the training of a tracking dog till the very later part of training. So eat the deer and make your something nice in buck skin with the skin.

    A good thing is let the dog have a deer hoof as a play thing for a short period every day. Not letting him eat it.

    To start training the pup to track take the blood and sprinkle plenty of blood at the start of the trail. Dragging the hove with the string behind you lay a 50 yard strait trail dripping blood as you go. When you get to the end of the trail tie the hoof to a bush or something so that fox and the like can't run of with the hoof. I hold my finger over the nozzle of the washing up liquid bottle so i can easily regulate how much blood you let drip out. Get the puppy and sit him down a bit away from the trail. put on the harness and lead. Take the puppy forward to the start where you have sprinkled the blood and say go seek or what ever command you choose. Give plenty of encouragement and the pup should follow the trail.
    let the puppy play with the hoof when it finds it. after a short while say dead to the pup and take the hoof away. I put the hoof back in the freezer and they can be used many times.
    After the a while you can make the trail longer and more complicated but don't rush the pup. It takes months to get them up to a good standard.
    You can put rightangle turns into the trail and just drag the hoof and use no blood for 10-15 mtrs. Also the period between you laying the trail and tracking can get longer and longer. Within 4 months of training your pup should be doing 500mtr tracks 8 hours old.
    In Viltspår (tracking) trials they use 1/3 of a Ltr blood over 600 mtrs. Ive got my little taxen bitch up to the 600mtrs and i use just a fraction of that amount of blood. It pays to use less and less blood as the pup gets better at tracking. That way they are more focust on the scent of the hoof.

    Hopefully you will end up with a real tracking dog and not a dog that will find deer that you could have found your self.

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