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Thread: Ray Mears tonight 8pm on ITV1

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    Ray Mears tonight 8pm on ITV1

    Some interest maybe?

    "New series in which Ray Mears travels all over Great Britain, sharing his knowledge of field craft and his passion for wildlife. Mears and a team of experts reveal the hidden world of the creatures that live just beyond our doorstep. In this episode, he explores the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire - one of the few remaining ancient forests in England - where he encounters a family of wild boar and the rare goshawk. It is spring, which means the forest floor is carpeted with bluebells and Rays' favourite woodland creature - the hazel dormouse - is emerging from hibernation."

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    I always wondered when he would deal with home ground, about bloody time too!
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    i saw the trailer, looks intresting. Will certainly try and catch it.

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    I have 2 happy boys! And masterchef as well! They have been doing quite a bit of venison

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    Was a good show I thought.

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    certainly better than the rest of the schiiiiiiiit on there .

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    Only gripe I have, and that applies with any of these 'personality' based shows, is that there was far too much time spent with Mr Mears in front of the camera. I'd rather see more of the wildlife etc. with maybe him as a voiceover than view yet another tracking shot of him walking through woodland, across grass, yadda, yadda. Did we really have to have him turning to camera in the highseat to inform us that he might have disturbed the feeding sounder by doing so?

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