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Thread: So, how many calibres do you load for?

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    So, how many calibres do you load for?

    I got curious as to how many different calibres you currently load for. I know people that own. use and reload for only one rifle and have used the same load for years never changing anything. I also have a friend, and American, who has so many guns he does not know what he has got, but it is dozens.

    Me, I load for four calibres, 22 Hornet, .222, .243 and 6.5X55.

    What do you do?


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    Well I load all my own, starting with 243, 25.06 (the round ) 270, 303, 375H&H. Plus I have a 357 handgun, but I do not load for this, its not worth the cost for the few rounds I use.

    I mostly use Hodgons powder, and Speer bullets. Apart from the 375H&H and in this I use mostly Federal heads.

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    i load

    .223 with norma bullets and N140 (last time)
    .243 win hornady bullets and OLD nobel powders (will go to re19 when it is gone)
    7mm08 with speer bullets and re19
    .30-06 sprg with speer bullets and re19

    The .243 will be goinig on loan to my cousin soon. when it comes back i expect i will load it with 70 or 80 grain bullets for foxing. with the 7mm and the '06 i find it very dificult to see when i will next use the 243 for deer.


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    i reload 222 50 grain nosler heads on vit powder
    22 250 with 60 grain heads also on vit powder
    243 with eley powder 100 grain hornady btsp heads will be using 4831 or reloader 22 as like mines ran out as yours has
    25 06 100 grain heads hornady spire pionts vit powder
    270 130 grain hornady spire points vit powder
    308 150 grain hornady spire points vit powder
    i always use hornady heads as i get the results i expect from them i like the interlock heads as these dont break up and i usualy get an exit hole this makes finding them easier if they run off after the strike blood trails are usualy quite good I use vihtavuori as this comes in kilo pots and i load 200 at a time and in my lyman 1200 auto scale this makes life easier for me

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    6.5x55 SE
    .303 British
    .577 Snider
    .577/450 Martini Henry
    12, 20 and 28 guages and .410 bore.

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    Always use Hogdon powder and federal primers
    Bullets are Hornady, Sierra and Winchester but have been known to use the odd Speer.

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    i used to load
    17 centre fire for a friend
    300win mag ( rifle now sold)
    but now load
    243 reloader 22 +100 grain hornaday btsp
    30-06 varget 180 nosler solid base sp
    375 HH varget speer 235 +285 heads and hornaday 300 grain solids
    just starting to look into shotgun reloading

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    i feel very inferior and less masculine to all that posted with their multitude of big calibers and rifles, i only reload for my one little girly .243.

    i use 75gr Vmax for fox and vermin and 85-90gr bonded bullets for the deer all powered by Varget powder .........neil

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    As some one on the site said size doesn't matter its where you put it.

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