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Thread: Is a drilling legal?

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    Is a drilling legal?

    Hello all

    I am new here and hope some can help me.

    Next year, I am planning on going to UK for some hunting. But, what kind of guns are legal now?
    Can I use my drilling when stalking roe deer?

    Are a 8*57 Mauser legal in UK for deer?

    Thanks for helping

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    Yes no problem at all either on gun type or calibre.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Also, is slug legal?

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    It can be possible to use slug in the U.K. but only under very controlled conditions. Therefore the simple answer is no, slug is not normally permitted.

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    I have slugs on my fac for deer and therefore presume that you should have no problems in doing so.

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    Charlie I think it depends on the police force you deal with. For some reason my local force see slug as being particularly sinister and are reluctant to issue permission for slug especially if you have a deer legal rifle. I know it doesn't seem logical but that why I worded my reply in such a way. Unfortunately there are several forces with similar views.

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    As mentioned there are some circumstances where a shotgun would be legal i.e. Sections 6 & 7 of the Deer Act:
    Deer Act 1991
    Deer Act 1991

    but this bit is pretty clear: Deer Act 1991

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    Thanks for helping me.
    Well, then I will not bring slugs with me.
    The idea of with the drilling is to use it for roe deer and deer stalking, later on use it for some bird shooting over pointing dogs.

    Are now seeking around for something that will fit that, next year.

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