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Thread: I Kinda Like Drillings

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    I Kinda Like Drillings

    So when I lost one recently - it was a gift from my Dad, I went on the last hunt my Dad and I got to go on together; using that arm on that "last hunt" my Dad and I took game with it - I decided to replace it quickly.

    On September 11, my fishing buddy and I decided to do a 3-day-2-night float trip on the Susitna River. I took the Collath drilling along to shoot ducks and a moose if we saw a legal one. The short story is that we capsized and I lost A LOT of 'stuff'. All of the stuff I lost was replaceable except for two items - Yes... one was the Collath. The other was a knife an "internet friend" made for me using some caribou antler I have him.

    I lost some camping stuff that I'd had for a long time, some of it 35 years. Still, that stuff was replaceable. The Collath and the knife are not. However...

    I just closed the deal on this item:

    Here's the description.
    This ad features the pictured G. F. Stormer Antique Drilling with 16 Gauge Shotgun Barrels and a 10 Millimeter Rifle Barrel. This gun appears to be in all original condition with Outstanding engraving on the receiver and lock plates. The gun is tight but I advise against shooting it as the 26 and 3/4 inch Damascus barrels are pitted on the inside. The buttstock has 3 pins in the right side, these are small and most likely can be removed. I have no idea of why they are there. This a small dent in the right barrel about 6 inches back from the muzzle. The length of pull measures 13 inches. This is very nice older gun that borders on the edge of pure artwork. A close look at the pictures will show you all the details.
    Have a look at it. I like it. It's listed as a "10 mm". We'll see what it really is when I get it in my hands. That should be late this week. I'll cast the chamber, and based on what I find, I'll probably have to get on some sort of "solution" to find a cartridge I can use.

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    I've always been fond of drillings and double rifles etc myself, but legally justifying one over here can be tricky. Interesting find though, looks nice too. Hope you enjoy it.


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    Paul, That looks a lovely gun, but a bit continental for my conservative taste. I notice on the blurb that the barrels are pitted, there is a way round this! Here are a couple of links, I hope you find them useful;

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    You are not the only one who likes drillings Paul. My dad had one that came back home with him at the end of ww2. He could not get a license for the rifle barrel, or so I was told, and the barrel had been plugged at both ends. I used to use it as a boy with just the two 16 bore barrels. I emigrated to Australia when I was 17 and took it with me. One day when I was in Sydney I looked in a gunshop and was talking about it and discovered they had an Austrian gunsmith who was keen on drillings. Took it in with me next time and he said to leave it and he would see what he could do. Well he unplugged it, checked it all out and recommended that it was not good enough to go back to its original 9mm (I think). He suggested a .22 Hornet. He reamed out the old barrel, turned down a Hornet barrel to fit and installed it. I don't remember now how much he charged but it was very cheap for what he had done. It also shot spot on with the leaf sight with no alteration needed. I kept it for several years when I came back to the UK but in the end the police got so stupid about it that I sold it. It would be nice to have another but I do not have a need.

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    Thanks fellas. I can't wait to get it in my hands. Should be later this week. (I doubt I'll be able to take better pictures of it though.)

    Flytie - thanks for the references. I may use them. However, when I spoke with the store-owner about the "pitted" and "don't shoot", the answer I got was "We always say that about Damascus barrels." There are few people in the US that know very much about fine Damascus barrels. MANY "experts" shout at the top of their lungs that Damascus barrels are "dangerous". Horse-feathers! There are plenty of fine English shotguns with Damascus barrels the are even proofed for "modern" shotgun ammo, let alone black powder. The Collath I owned I loaded with BP, and shot it regularly for grouse and occasionally for clay pigeons. It was quite sound. I'll check this one out thoroughly when I get it. If it needs it, I may very well be talking with Mr. Teague.

    You guys and the laws you have to deal with break my heart, and in a country with such an extra-ordinarily rich history in non-military arms.

    I'm looking forward to finding out what the rifle is chambered in.


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    Paul, speaking from personal experience I can add a word of caution about Damascus barrels. I have seen quality damascus unravel like a toilet paper tube when shot with a low brass load of #8 shot. Might never happen again but I have seen it. Be careful, Amigo.~Muir

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    Well I suppose anything is possible, but I've been shooting Damascus barrels for a while, been around a lot more, and have yet to even see one 'leak'. There are even NRA-sanctioned skeet and trap shoots around the country that are for Damascus barreled shotguns only, or have a division exclusively for them.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning you or the story, and you can rest assured that I will be sure that I am comfortable with shooting it. I should probably point out that I will NOT be using "modern" smokeless loads. Only BP for me and these old beauties.


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    Good. There is supposedly something about the welding and the flux used: attracts moisture, degrades the weld, barrel disintegrates. It looks like a stout old gun, though. I hope it serves you well. Do you think that 10 mm designation might be the bore diameter, and not the groove?? I have seen at least one sporter, and a nice one, in the 11 mm Austrian Werndl cartridge. (tho that would make for very deep rifling)~Muir

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    Nice looking gun, personally I like the Germanic engraving.
    It's not a 9.3mm by any chance?

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