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    Having a walk around Ikea at the weekend I clocked these two

    Worth considering for larder work? They are certainly cheaper than some of the stainless stuff I have seen advertised.


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    You also get stainless hooks which is what I use from there for hanging in the larder.

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    holy crap !!!! that seems good value.......

    a set o cheap taps and little work could see a really good set up for an amatuer

    i was lucky i got set o tables cheap from a local butcher who was closing down.

    i dont have one with a sink tho....

    if yer serious bout keeping your meat and butchering etc this good way to go

    i got the tables, my chiller, electric mincer , sausage stuffer, all other bits n bobs as well all in garage now so i dont take over the kitchen

    i even bought a hand roll dispenser and hand roll from ebay cheap

    i use this stuff in spray bottles along with detox stuff to maintain hygene .

    but guess tescos surface cleaner would do.

    sorry to hijack the thread but thats a real find and a good way for folks to get started with their own meat set-up.....and anything to promote venison gotta be good.

    sauer/ paul

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