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Thread: Montjac roadshow Belfast

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    Montjac roadshow Belfast

    cross posted from another site. It is open to everyone not just cai members.


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    I might try and make that, if this damn head cold lifts.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Would be good to meet up for a chat if you can.

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    I'd love to go along but unfortunately am working until 2300 so I will be expecting a full and frank report, that is if frank goes.

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    Re muntie talk

    I'll be there too. Have shot one of these in England and had a chance to taste the wee beastie. Mmmmmm. Good to know where abouts in Ireland they are at at this moment in time. Hopefully they make it up to my neck of the woods very soon!

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    I think 100% of the people I spoke to about muntjacs in Ireland attending this seminar want to know where they are located ;-)

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    Any chance of some feedback from the talk?

    If you went, how was it??

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    No problem Scott if I get a chance later or maybe Brian will beat me to it.

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    Thumbs up Re roadshow

    Munties seen mostly around the west side of the Ards peninsula. Also one spotted in Portadown. One in Armagh. One in Randalstown forrest, which attacked a german shorthaired pointer being walked. Dr Dick was very concise. Numbers being seen in Northern Ireland now equate to numbers around Thetford Forrest in the 70's, whose cull figures are now 1800/annum, with 3 rta's being reported/week within a 5 mile radius. Here's hoping we have the same sport here as over there before 40yrs. Deer using the railway lines to colonize the country and apparently move about 1 mile radius/year. Seen one in Wicklow 2 years ago and heading down there in one months time for the sika. Maybe I shoot a muntie as well!

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    Was anything said about how viable they were likely to be here? I believe that roe were released in Ireland but died out and yet they do well in other, similar, areas in Scotland for example.

    I'm just wondering what makes Ireland "special" but I suspect that it is to do with our management, i.e. poaching, of all forms of wildlife.

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