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Thread: Quick help required please

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    Quick help required please

    Humour me here please I am concentrating so much I am going mad

    I have just loaded 15 rounds of varying powder weights to test tomorrow, everything is cleaned, powder and primers in etc.

    I measured the depth of my seating die on a dummy round and it gave 2.625 exactly what I wanted.

    I have now seated the 15 rounds and a quick checks on calipers shows a variation from 2.625 to 2.629.

    The seating die is a bog standard lee seating die and the bullets are soft nose ones.

    Does my die measure off the ogive or from the soft lead nose (which could explain the difference).

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    If you measure the bullet at the ogive with a comparator it will not matter. I presume you are measuring to the tip of the soft point?

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    yes to the tip of the soft point of the bullet

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    are you using a comparator to measure the loaded ammo if not you might be getting the variation from the bullet tips, most dies seat the bullet via pushing against the ogive of the bullet , your variation of 0.004" is nothing to worry about it wont affect accuracy. the variation of OAL may be from your press having a slight bit of play or different pressure applied when completing the stroke....... hope
    this helps.......neil

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    It pushes them im to the Ogive, i have the same thing, theres a difference in length from head to tip, but not if you have a comparator. Hope the load development goes well

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffshrek View Post
    are you using a comparator to measure the loaded ammo
    Not yet but i'm getting a loan of one shortly
    if that variation is nothing to worry about then i'm happy

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    Oh My Lord!!! you mean that there is four, one-thousandths of an inch variance in 15 rounds???? HORRORS!!!

    All kidding aside, that is about what you can expect from a bench mounted, commercial press, and non match bullets. Think about it: All the manufacturing tolerances between the press lever, the lings in the linkage, the shell holder, etal.... add them up and you will see that you probably have a great set up. Only in-line seaters get closer than that with good bullets. Relax and Shoot. ~Muir

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    I know in my head it's not much of a difference at all but I had a brain fart and could not stop worrying for a minute, thankfully my mind is now at ease.

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