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Thread: Some decent looking deals

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    Some decent looking deals

    Just noticed that there are quite a few good deals on for shooting stuff HERE at the moment including waterproofs.

    Unfortunately for me there appears to be nothing in short ar5e size however


    p.s. Dont mean this as advertising as I dont work there and there are other shops that sell this stuff too just had a decent service off them in the past

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    After having a couple of weeks studying jackets & the fabric /waterproof system ect, i have come to the concusion a 'name' cost you approx 100. look around on a well known site , there are better deals ' new ' for 1/2 price. some exellent wax cotton deals there 12g fabric,thorn proof etc etc. If you need a 'name' fair do's

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    I dont need big names as long as it does a job it's good enough for me.
    Just thought some offers may appeal to people on this site.

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