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Thread: Brillaint service from Macleod's

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    Brillaint service from Macleod's

    Purchased a new Swarovski scope from Macleod's on the 6th, arrived on the 7th unfortunately there was a finger smudge on the inside of the objective.

    No problem said Gregor send it back & we'll replace it.

    Sent it back on Friday the 8th, the replacement scope arrived this morning.

    Great service.

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    Chris, I dealt with them, bought my Sako, T8, S&B scope and cleaning gear from them. I would have no hesitation in doing so again, nice people to deal with.

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    i was in his shop last week while on sd week 2010.
    must say he has an impressive shop.
    i was feeling to ill to spend long in the shop but from what i seen i will be back
    one of the sd members bought a gun there.
    it came with a lot of bits for its money and a good deal was had i reckon.


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    Gregor has some good glass in at the moment at very reasonable prices. As Frank has mentioned we were in there last week, and the week before with American clients and I managed to resist spending too much money.

    Countryboy got himself a nice shotgun though, although second hand it had been well looked after by an old old man of the hills

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    Countryboy got himself a nice shotgun though, although second hand it had been well looked after by an old old man of the hills
    I had looked after that gun, I look after all of my guns, and Stuart got himself a bargain, paid a lot for it mind

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    I'm glad I don't live any nearer, from what I saw I'd be spending all my time and money in there, some real bargains to be had.

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    Cant fault him, he did me a hell of a deal on a set of Zeiss binos, arrived the day he said they would.

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    I got my Swaro 10x42 SLC's from them, Excellent price & next day delivery 10/10

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    Another big thumbs up to Macleods.

    I have had my eye on a Zeiss scope on their S/H optics list for a while. I ordered it last Friday and it arrived today, the snowy weather having delayed it by a day. It was graded as an 8/10 for condition but for the life of me I can't see why it wasn't a 9.5!! Now just need to fit it to the rifle and then get things zeroed

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    I have known Gregor for 15 or so years. i have bought 2 or 3 rifles and numerous scopes from him. He was ALWAYS interested in a chat and still is when I bump into him. In fact he put me onto the Ed Sceery calls for the Sika stags years ago with stories of stalkers being charged by stags, they were that effective. I thought he was pulling my leg a bit but guess what, he was absolutely correct as I discovered! An absolute gentlemen with a working knowledge, compared to some in the trade.

    Just remembered the first .243 I bought was from Gregor and it was 'special' built to their spec, a Remington action bedded in a Ross-shire (at least I think that's what it was called) walnut thumb-hole stock. It was a a stunning looking stock with timber that makes current day offerings look like orange boxes. They were also made with Sako actions but were a bit too expensive for me at the time. Shame they stopped doing them. Can anyone else remember them?
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