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Thread: Crispi Stegg boots

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    Crispi Stegg boots

    I've just read the write up in GunMart on some stalking boots called Crispi Stegg.
    Has anyone tried them or do you know anyone who owns a pair and has an opinion on them.
    They are quite expensive and I would like some info on them.
    So far, in the last couple of years I have managed to go through four pair of different brands of so called "100% waterproof boots". All have leaked after a while.

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    I've not used the boots you mention but have had ski and mountaineering boots by Crispi. They are are excellent if you have a wider foot. I also came across another maker moving into shooting boots, Haix - maker of excellent chainsaw boots, comfortable out of the box and still bone dry after 2 years of daily use as a tree surgeon / forestor. I'll be looking at them when replacement boots are needed. Hope it helps.

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    I'm not sure about the Stegg boots but I know that Garlands sell Crispi Kandi boots. They won a shooting industry award for them a few months back (not that this is neccessarily an indication of quality or value for money).

    Not sure where you're based but if you're in the Midlands it might be worth a look.



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    Im not sure about crispi stegg boots but have eaten a few crispi creme donuts, very tasty if a little pricey. regarding boots i have had several pairs and think that my current pair of lowa supercamp (patrol, non goretex) are the most comfortable and durable boots that i have had.

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    Why is everybody so obsessed with dry feet? When I was younger and did a lot more stalking I just wore plimsolls; the water runs out nearly as fast as it runs in And you can feel the ground as you walk so much less chance of snapping twigs etc. Indians used to manage ok with mocassins! but we think we have to improve on that. Don't forget that your skin is actually waterproof and if you have dry socks and another pair of shoes/boots in the car there is no problem.
    Ok so I'm a grumpy old git.

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    You wore plimpsolls,
    When I were a lad in Liverpool we only wore them on a sunday.
    Now on the wrong side of sixty and living in North East Scotland, a bit of warmth and dry feet, especially in winter is very welcome.
    Many thanks for yours and everyone elses comments.
    I will probably invest in a pair and will get back with a report on how they cope.

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    If (and it is an if) Crispi make boots for Beretta then don't go near them. I have a pair of Beretta boots and while they are very comfy the water pisses in and the rubber rand is very poorly fixed.

    I have been totally converted to Meindls this year...Dovre for the hill and Waldlufer for work.

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    There is only one brand of boots that i trust and rely on - Altberg. Being in the Paras and being issued piss-poor boots, we saw and bought all kinds of gucci boots. All eventually failed except Altbergs.

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    Doc martins are best...LOL...

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    I bought a pair of Altbergs based on your reccomendation of them in a thread on here a couple of years ago.

    I've been very impressed with them. Superbly made and not excessively priced when compared to others. I can't understand why they're not more popular. I guess other brands spend more on advertising.



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