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Thread: Rabbits to pubs

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    Rabbits to pubs

    Does anyone know what the rules are with regard to selling rabbits to pubs? do I need a food handeling cert or some such like?

    I ahve a possible deal in the pipeline and just wondered as I don't wnat to drop myself of the ladnd lord in the poo.

    Thanks in advance for the advice


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    Short answer,
    If they are going into the food chain.........YES
    A few to feed the guys dogs....................NO

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    Food products generally and meat products sold to food businesses needs to have traceability so rabbits 'should' go through game dealers as I understand it to meet all that EU stuff. That is if the end product is sold rather than given away.

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    was article in shooting times no long ago actually,.....this year i think it was explaining the laws...typical i threw mine out

    but sure that the average joe is allowed to sell small quantities ....the low down was you could sell a carcass...rabbit deer etc but the minute you split that made cube or mince or burgers or the like then you needed certification and registered larder blah blah blah.

    canna mind if you needed basic meat hygene or dsc1 with meat certificate .....

    and im sure there was a thread asking same question bout this on pigeonwatch....someone came back to a yes in england but scotland was a no no!?
    not much help sorry....
    ill go have alook for that thread


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    Im sure sauer is right, if your a trained hunter, then you have done the game handling course and test in the DSC1 therefore as long as you sell the rabbits with the jackets on and a papertrail.. As soon as you skin it or dont 'tag' your animals and then sell to a pub, your doomed!

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    DSC 1 provides you with a LARGE game handling cert. I am sure you require a SMALL game....

    Just checked my certs and I have 3! one Large, one small and one that states;

    Lantra Level 2 Certificate in Wild Game meat Hygiene (Large and Small) so go figure!

    I bet if you don't have the latter then you will need the Small Game which would also include pheasants.


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    Yes you can mate under the 'primary producer exemption' as stated in the wild game guide here:
    This is the relevant part:

    1 October 2008 version 6
    The EU food hygiene regulations regard shooting wild game - "hunting" - for human consumption as a primary production activity. So an individual who shoots game alone, a hunting party and an estate which organises shooting are all primary producers.
    Primary products in the wild game sector are the products of hunting – i.e. in-fur and in-feather game that has undergone no more than any necessary preparation that is part of normal hunting practice. This does not have to be done "in the field", but can be done in game larders.

    Any primary producer supplying an approved game handling establishment (AGHE) must:
    1. ensure a
    1. trained person is present and completes relevant documentation
    (NB An AGHE is entitled to refuse to accept carcases where the bona fide involvement of a trained person (as set out in Regulation 853/2004) cannot be established, though there is provision in the Regulations for where a trained person is unexpectedly unavailable).
    1. be registered with the Local Authority under the
    1. registration of food businesses requirement;
    (If you are a shooting party guest of a primary producer see „Situation H‟ in a separate Q&A annex under „Some Typical Situations‟).
    1. comply with the
    1. food business operator‟s responsibilities, including both the general hygiene provisions for primary production in Regulation 852/2004 and the specific provisions for the initial handling of large/small wild game in Regulation 853/2004 when it is subsequently supplied to an AGHE;
    2. meet the traceability requirements of Regulation 178/2002
    There is an exemption from the above rules when supply involves small quantities of in-fur/in-feather carcases supplied either direct to the final consumer and/or to local retailers that directly supply the final consumer.

    In the UK these terms are currently being interpreted as follows:
    1. Small quantities are now regarded as self-defining because demand for in-fur/in-feather carcases from final consumers and local retailers is limited.
    2. Local is within the supplying establishment‟s own county plus the greater of either the neighbouring county or counties or 50 km/30 miles from the boundary of the supplying establishment‟s county.
    3. Direct supply to the final consumer is not restricted by what is local. An individual or an estate can supply final consumers who order from them via the internet/mail order as well as those who collect themselves.
    This exemption is only for the primary producer when supplying direct and is not available for anyone engaged in „associated operations‟. So a separate business which buys up carcases from shoots and then sells them on to retailers cannot use the primary producer exemption, even if the quantities are small and the retailers local.

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    ok so i was close enough you can sell but only basically gutted....still gotta be in feather \ fur

    does that apply for all uk or has scotland got some different legislation? as is often the case with stuff.

    sorry for hijacking your original thread....

    ps it was a good one to ask!

    sauer \ paul

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    I have a deal with a few local pubs for rabbits, 50% of cost goes to cover my fuel and 50% goes to The Alzheimers Society. Always in the jacket and never more than 10 at a time. I always worked on the Exemption listed above.

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    So it seems to be ok as long as they still have their clothes on, gets a bit more difficult when it comes to supplying them skinned. The pub will look into it and get back to me if they want them. They all seem a bit squeemish about skinning them. I find that odd as I hate the gutting.

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