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Thread: Hang fire

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    Hang fire

    After 20 years of home loading, on friday afternoon I had my first ever hang fire.
    The only problem was it was the third shot on a Forestry Commission shooting test in Scotland. So I had to start again, not a problem really just a bit off-putting, if it ever happens again I will know what to do.
    Does this happen to other people very often.

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    I had some trouble with a certain load in the 25-06 with this, the same tub of powder and box of primers in the 270 was fine but for some reason not in the 25-06,. Now I have had a couple of dud primers over the years, three I think and that's over the time I have been re-loading and god only knows how many thousands of rounds.

    I have had a dud with factory ammo into he past too.

    Oh just remmbered that i made up some reduced loads many years ago for gentle range practice with the Ruger No1B in 300 Win mag. As they were reduced loads I used std rifle primers and several refused to ignite the powder. Switched to the mag primers and no probs.

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    Have had one once but was less than half a sec so no issue as rifle was still in aim, tell you what forget hang fire... pre pistol ban I had a 9mm TA90 go full auto and empty a full mag due to a pin jamming

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