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Thread: How long have you been shooting / stalking?

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    How long have you been shooting / stalking?

    Just reading some of the posts on here and people are quoting X amount of years stalking..

    Out of pure curiosity, how long have been shooting/stalking?

    I've been breaking clays for about 8 years and not much else, till now....


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    Shooting in one form or another since I was 8, so 37 years. Only stalking for 15 though.
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    got my first BB gun when i was 6. Ive shot all my life in one form or another. had my first shot with a CF when i was 13, still remember it like yesterday.. Shot my first roebuck in the same year. Ive always loved stalking but never had the means to get into it properly until about 8 years ago. I still see myself as a novice stalker and still learn lots.. thats what i enjoy!

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    Similar to Harry, shooting with airguns and shotguns since I was 11 or 12, so 30 years. Took my first deer 11 years ago this month.

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    Air Guns when i was 12 years old
    Shotguns at 21
    just getting into Rifles
    so about 44Years

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    About 35 years
    Brought up with rifles.
    Father in the Marines and one of his mates World Class B pistol champion who also taught me a good bit..

    Shotgun in the canoe and off round the islands as a teenager

    Shot more deer since joining this site than all the years combined previously

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    42 years man and boy. Stalking deer for the last decade.

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    First air rifle at about 9/10 then a .410 shotgun at 12 and shot my first roe buck at 16 in april 2009 and got my FAC just over 12 months ago for rim fires and then my centre fires in July of this year at only 18 so not long by any means in rifle sports but have grown up with shotguns but never really around rifles. Still got loads to learn about it all but loving it.


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    I have deer stalked for 31 years also dun a lot of digging with terriers.

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    30 years

    Airpistols and airrifles from 11
    Shotguns from 14
    Rimfires at 18 then that lapsed till now
    New to stalking

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