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Thread: what a shame

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    what a shame

    Had a report from the keeper on one of the frams a manage the deer on, he said he had seen a good roe buck with a broken frount leg, I went over and looked on the same day and sure enuf, nice buck with a broken frount left leg which he had broken some time ago and it had healed up solid, I could not distpatch there and then because i only had a shotgun with me.
    He seemed to be getting about very well all be it on three legs and i thought about leaving him for my French client who owns the stalking and only comes over for the bucks two or three times a year, allow he was in good nick and feeding ok the problems would have come when he had to fend of other bucks and hold a territory.
    I spent the next week and a half mornings and evernings trying to stalk this buck, finally managed to get him and what a shame he was a young buck with a good seven point head and i am sure he would have been a cracker next season.

    Sorry about the pic quality, taken with my phone

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    Long time no chat and do agree he woould of gone on to make a good buck maybe next year 6 and 2 3s do yo leave him or take him out well i believe you made the correct choice

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    good post good read

    shame bout the leg but i think you made right decision..if any doubt take em out.....good condition but like you say he still had territory etc to get buggered up over by other better condition \ able beasts.

    how old do you think possibly he was???

    its just that the coronets from the pic seem to be fairly angled and i thought that was a sign of an older beast?
    maybe its just me looking at pic wrong....and any advice on beasts is gratefully recieved

    sauer \paul

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    Paul, as you know its very difficult to age roe and as the land owner won'td the buck as a full mount I could not cut into the mouth or boil out the head, but from what I could see I would say he was 3-4 years old, my client has shot 15 bucks this year 3 of which have been good heads and they have not been old animals, I have always kepted the lower jaw and a pic of the head from every buck shot here, slowly running out of shelve space.


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    cheers tony,

    any advice on ageing them doesnt go amiss....ive always found that one of the hardest apects of deer...ageing them.

    could beastie for the freezer.....bonny head too.

    sauer \ paul

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    out of interest what would all you other SD members have done ?

    is it a clear cut case of shoot it because its leg was broken or would you have left it til next year in the hope that it would make a medal head ?


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    IMHO Heads and Medals DONT come into it "DEER WELFARE" Every time

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookingfat View Post
    out of interest what would all you other SD members have done ?

    is it a clear cut case of shoot it because its leg was broken or would you have left it til next year in the hope that it would make a medal head ?

    to be honest you already said it was healed and he was coping, so why shoot it.

    if it was on your cull then fine or even for the freezer then sound. both are sound reasons and ones i would have shot it for.

    i dont see this one as a welfare issue at this time as you clearly said it had healed and was doing well.

    if you had planned to leave it till next year whilst limping and struggling (which you said it clearly was not and you didn't) to see it it grows a nice malform for the foreign client then that too would be wrong.

    not picking holes mate you asked what we would do.

    well done nice beast shame he had to suffer at the outset, i would like to see the leg skinned if you can to see if it was a break/growth or birth defect.


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    You have kind of answered your own question about the leg injury.

    I guess that it was broken after April as there is no sign of a malform to the head so it was most likely in hard antler when it picked up the injury.

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    Frank, the reason I asked is I was in two minds, he was getting about ok and was in very good nick, he could not bend the leg at all, and as said earlier he may have suffered when trying to defend a territory next season.


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