Ladies and Gentlemen

On the 23rd/24th October The Gloucestershire Rifle Range will be hosting their second open weekend.

The focus of the weekend will be demonstrating high end optics such as Zeiss, Schmidt and Bender etc. What's new there then you may ask? Well, where can you get hold of these, have a play, use them on a rifle at the critical time ie. low light. The whole weekend will be dedicated to optics which excel in low light culminating in night vision.

It will run from 2 - 8pm which should give us approx 2 hours of low light conditions on both days. Open season will once again be there with Blaser and Mauser rifles plus maybe a couple of specials, Andrew Venables from WMS steel challenge will also be there to discuss extreme range shooting and will also be supplying the targets for the event which will be reactive steel targets. You will be able to demo night vision units on steel targets!

Our caterer has let us down at the last minute so we are looking for a replacement and again proceeds will go to charity, this time it will likely be the British Legion as we are so close to Remembrance Sunday - unfortunately their donations have fallen since H4H started and we MUST NOT forget those who gave their lives many years ago.

So, if you have a couple of hours to spare we would love to see you, come and have a play with some gucci kit under the cover of darkness and see what the fuss is all about - and it's free !!

Kind regards

Paul Hill
The Gloucestershire Rifle Range