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Thread: 1 of 4 last night.

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    1 of 4 last night.

    73m's 22250

    this is him no exit.

    and the 3 others i christened my new scope with.

    and the scope.

    and the 200 m group aiming for the head. (handload)

    and the 300m group with privvi 55gr factory aiming centre mass.

    so im capped though i did shoot 3 without the i.r swiched off as i found the rapid z7 reticule "to busy" for the lamp but great this morning at dawn.
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    good stuff,
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    What do you think of the scope, and what made you choose it over the equivalent s&b and swaro. Half tempted in one myself but dont know which to choose from.

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    nearly All my scopes are now zeiss.
    But I did look at the z6i but the crosshairs are far to fine even in daylight you need to illuminate them you struggle to get a butler creek on the eyebell also.
    The schmidts are good but I just like zeiss the lotutec coatings are great in the rain.
    the turrets are good you caant move them unless you lift them up.

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    Nice shooting. Dont you just love the 22.250!!!! They always sound much quieter over film, dont seem to pick up the full crack of the round.

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    good shooting. i have the victory scope same as yours but mine has the older turrets on it where they dont lock. not had any problems with that yet though but would perfer the locking ones for piece of mind. the glass is stuuning in day evening or night under lamp. mine is the 43 rectical which is ir mildot. i never use the ir on it as most my shooting is under lamp and dont need it.

    evening time at last light its very handy if your out though. looking agains a dark back ground

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