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Thread: Dogs for deer

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    Dogs for deer


    Went on a BDS dogs for deer day on Sunday at Grizedale.

    Lots of excellent advice and would recommend anyone with a 'non stalking' dog to go along and have a go!

    Here is love of our life !

    And Phil with her.

    (that's when she is not wrapping him round a tree with the lead!)


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    Michele, Phil,

    She is a real beauty, cracking looking bitch. Her brother is an absolute cracker as well. Hope the training is coming on, as you said before Phil, manners first.

    The last track I did with my boy was 750m long, less than 250ml of blood (70% Blood 30% Water mix) and six hours old, a little encouragement at times but apart from that completed with very little difficulty.

    He certainly is his own little character, gentle, loving, soft but tenacious, hard and relentless.

    Oh and stubborn!!

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    Hi Steyr,
    He is doing well to complete a 750m track, he does look a strong good looking lad, with him being a dog the size is noticable and the colouring much darker.
    Our training is coming to now she understands manners but like you said she as the same characteristics but at times bloody stubborn very head strong.
    I am looking forward to getting her out stalking and Im sure she is to.

    Out of interset is the harness a bushwear one, I know Sikamalc uses them on Todd.

    Phil, Michelle

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    Hi Phil, Michele,

    The harness I got from in Denmark. The Bio-thane tracking lead I made myself, if you want a tracking lead PM me your address and I will send you one. Its great material to work with.

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    Really enjoyed the Dogs for Deer day, as did the dogs.

    That BMH is the best looking dog Ive seen for a long time and I want one
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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