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Thread: 243 Vs 308

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    243 Vs 308

    Is one too much or the other too little ?

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    Re: 243 Vs 308

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaser3006
    Is one too much or the other too little ?
    No they both have there place in the UK stalking environment, for small species and foxes the 243 is the one, but for larger species then go for the 308. No boner that but obvious.


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    Had a 243 tried a 308 then bought a 7mm08

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    Had a SR30 243 when I first started stalking, bought a 30-06 sr 30 for my first trip to Africa and never used the 243 again,nothing wrong with it but the 30-06 does everything the 243 did and a lot more.

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    l own both calibres and they both have their place,l have ground both north and south of the border all mainly roe ground and the .243 as we all know is ideal for roe but on my southern stalking ground l also cull the odd red the .243 will do the job ok but the .308 has a greater knock down value,but in saying that the .308 with the right round is also ideal for roe, but l tend to leave the munties alone if l am with the .308 l also use the .243 for foxes and personally prefer it to the 22 centrefires BUT with the proposed new legislation regarding 22 centrefires there maywell be one joining the .243 & .308 in the cabinet because you need nothing more for munties but maybe thats for another posting later.

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    308 vs 243

    Hi all
    I own a .243 and have used it on all but munti and cwd, never had the chance. I ve had a go with .308 and I'm sure it will more than do all uk species.
    with regards to using the pair in the UK I'm sure they are both up to the job and putting the copper covered lead lump in the right place is what counts most! IMO.

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    Hi all.
    I have shot all 6 species of Deer in this country with a .30-06 and when deciding what is best look at the largest species [the Red] and the most difficult to kill `in situ`[the Sika].
    Anyone who considers a .243 more suitable than a .308 has either had limited experience or has been lucky so far.
    I spent 46 years culling many,many hundreds of these creatures and believe me there are times when the larger calibre with more terminal energy is THE KING.
    In the famous words of the late Robert Ruark `use enough gun.`

    In another country due to idiotic and perverse legislation for 21 years I killed a lot of Sika, some Fallow and some Reds and Hybrids with .22 centrefires.
    Fortunately commonsense has prevailed and now normal stalking calibres are permitted.
    Consequently there is less stinking game in the forests for the Foxes and Hooded Crows.

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    308 for me.

    All the clout you will ever need and in a short action. What more could you ask for?

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    Hi Will B.
    There is no answer to that !
    I used a .30-06 for work principally on Reds in GB for many years until the law in EIRE permitted a ceiling of .270 in 1993, instead of the .22 cals.
    I then changed to .270 for this cartridge is only a necked-down .30-06 anyway. Even now I generally pick it up when I go stalking even though I have a .243 and .308 also an 8/68S which I have used on even larger species than our own.
    For a one rifle person in GB the .308 cannot be faulted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933
    For a one rifle person in GB the .308 cannot be faulted.
    Right on brother, right on!

    I'm very keen to find out what the professional deer stalker/managers experiences of the .260 are, though. As you get all the advantages of the 7.62 in a 6.5 calibre.

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