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Thread: A few pics for your edification!

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    A few pics for your edification!

    Hope you enjoy them.




    Croc fishing Botswana

    Selous GR Tanzania

    Lesser Kudu Northern Tanzania

    Masailand Tanzania

    Game capture KZN South Africa

    Masailand Tanzania

    Okavango Botswana

    Hope that's whetted your appetites!!!!!!!!

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    Blimey Shakari, you have done a bit then! I didn't notice a muntjac amongst those photos though.... Bloody fierce creatures Muntjac you know!

    Great photos mate thank you very much for sharing them with us!

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    I was wondering what bait you put on a crocodile hook

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    It's the funniest thing you've ever done! - Take a whole francolin and attach it to the rig with 3 of the largest treble hooks you can find. One through each wing root and one through the breast bone. Wait till the sun goes off the water and lob it into the drink so it hits the surface with as much noise as possible............. they come steaming in, and whoever gets there first, takes it. - Just let the line run till they get to an island of the other bank, and then they swallow it and swim off. Only then do you tighen the line and start fighting them. - Expect the fight to last at least 2 hours even with one of about 2 - 2.5 metres............ they go like crazy and are as dumb as a sack of spanners. Even if they get hooked and lost and you rebait and start again, they'll come straight back for another go!

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    You just gotta give it a try at least once in your life.

    I've done an awful lot of hunting over they years, including multiples of all of the Big 5, I've photographed all of the Big 5 from so close I could touch them, I've done all kinds of weird ****, but flatdog fishing is right up there with the very best of memories. - I LOVE IT!

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    Well it certainly looks as if you had a whale of a time and when I get chance I'll try the croc fishing tips out

    I can only second Grants earlier post and big well done mate

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    About the only place I get to do it is in Botswana and most years we go up there for about 2 months. I make a big point of taking 2 sets of tackle up there so I can always get the client interested as well............

    If any of you guys ever get across here, try to make a point of finding a few extra days so you can give it a try! - Let me know your coming and if I'm around I'll come with you AND I'll supply all the tackle!

    Here's a couple more pics.......

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    that looks like one hell of a tom from botswana, how many cattle had that eaten to get that size?

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