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Thread: Sako 75 Varminter 22/250 + T8 mod 750

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    Sako 75 Varminter 22/250 + T8 mod 750

    I have for sale the above rifle used as a 2nd gun for fox control, recently had it cammo sprayed, i have fired around 350 rounds through it in the time i have owned it around 4 years, its in great condition but not used as much as it should, so has to make way for my 2 new rifles which will be on FAC at the end of the year 270 and 223.

    1st 750 gets the rifle and T8 mod or 650 for gun only.
    Scope mounts and sling are not included in the sale, i live near Edinburgh if anyone wants a look F2F only no rfd to rfd.

    Thanks for looking sleekit fox

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    been in cabinet since 1st posted never used

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    Hi mate new to this site. However I'm just in wait for a veration to come back and am looking for a Sako is your 1 still going.

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    Not wishing to cause controversy, but that is not a 75.

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    have decided to sell this as a complete set up now

    Gun... T8 Moderator... Sako 1"/26mm optilock mounts... Schmidt & Bender German 6x42 Scope...Sling

    All for the amazing Low price of 850.

    can be contacted on 07565592407.


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    I could be wrong but it sure looks like an M591 Varminter to me..........with a paint job!

    Not that it matters, a Sako is a Sako after all, some say the older ones are better? Matter of personal preference I guess. But I've never had a bad one and I've got 5 of them.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    yes its still for sale, it is a M591 varminter in 22/250

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