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    Federal Fusion

    Has any body had any problems with expansion with federal Fusion i am using 130gr in .270.

    Had a day out yesterday & ended up with 4 for the day.

    2 of the deer did not go to far from where they where shot but on inspecting them the exit hole was not all that bigger than the entry.

    The other 2 well if the stalker i was with did not have a couple of good dogs i would still be up there looking for them.

    One of them then i shot it fell on the spot good shot from the stalker that was with me then the fxxxxxg thing stood up & legged it into the the forest, this was just on last light finally got it back to the track about a hour later.

    The bullets seam to be punching a hole right threw without expanding has anybody else had any experience of this using federal fusion.

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    Spp/size/shot placement/range/deer alert or not/rutting or not?

    Lots of variables to consider.

    At least you found the two that ran so all credit to you, the stalker and the dogs.

    Federal have a pretty good reputation and 130grn/.270win is a tried and tested combo. Thats not to say a bad batch hasn't slipped through the net with some kind of problem. Years ago we used to get occaisional problems with Norma factory rnds not expanding and I think that it was put down to the hardness of the copper being incorrect in odd batches but all factory ammo has improved enormously since then.


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    When i can't be arsed to reload i shoot fedral fusion in .270 or .308.I have found them on the hole a very good round.I have shot everything from munty's to wildboar with them with no problems i suspect that you have had a bad batch.

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    I've bought 100 rounds of Federal Fusion for my .338 Win Mag so I hope they work! Having said that with the hole being .338 to start with it should do the trick either way?!

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