This is just as information, concernig many topics in this forum. The 280 topic which is just recent made me write this.
About 20 years ago a friend made himself (he's a gunsmith) a very nice custom rifle in 8x68S on a Sako action. He wanted to go to Canada to shoot Elk (wapiti). He flies from Schiphol airport in Holland. I don't really remember the excact circumstances, but to make a long story short, regulations on carrying ammo are diffrent in Holland compared to Canada. Already on the plain he had to leave his ammo in Holland to be sended afterwards with another flight. The ammo arrived a few hours after his plain.But just imagine being in Canada with an 8x68S rifle and no ammo. One word TROUBLE.
If you want a strong 7mm get a 7 mm Rem Mag. You will find ammo in any shop in the US, Canada, Africa, Europe and it's legal in France.