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Thread: Zeiss Rail Mount

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    Zeiss Rail Mount

    I am Looking for fixed rail mounts for zeiss scope to fit a sako 85,

    cash waiting.

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    Does your Zeiss (what size is the objective lens also) have the inner mounting rail or the older prism block underneath?

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    Its a 42mm obj and the inner mount or zm fitting.


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    I am looking for second hand

    I have the scope on a blaser .243 its a zeiss 5-15 x 42mm Zeiss ZM the best scope i have had for years, but i think it would better suited on my sako 85 .308, for the reds.

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    Second hand - you'll be lucky! Anyway I'll outbid you.
    Keep an eye on the

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    your on, ebay it is at dawn!

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