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Thread: Rail mounts

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    Rail mounts

    Looking at a couple of new scopes, one has a rail mount sytem...does anyone have this system and what do you think please


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    Rail mounts are excellent - I've got a few Zeiss scopes with them. Use EAW (Apel) mounts - I use quick detach mounts.

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    Thanks for your reply, the scope I am looking at is a Swarovski Z6 and I think it has the rail built into the body , though Im not sure...I was going for Nighforce but the shop hasnt got back to me and I got an offer from another shop with the Z6....looks to good to refuse.

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    The mounts can cost up to 300 but are worth every penny.

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    Just a thought but have you tried Alan Rhone ?
    Alan Rhone advertise as the U.K. agents for Recknagel, who produce an extensive range of mounts to fit most rifles and scope rails.

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    No I havent...but I will if I get the scope...cheers

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    Got a 'Badger' rail and ring set from the States, expensive but excellent quality.

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    Sika 25 I think you are thinking of something entirely different there. chickenman is thinking of buying a scope with a rail attached which is quite common in Europe but unusual in the U.K. or U.S.A.
    As far as I know Badger Ordnance don't make mounts to take such scopes.

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