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Thread: hi new to site

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    hi new to site

    Hi i'm Jonathon . Been trying to get on to forum for a while and now on. a bit about myself. been a keen clay and game shot for about 18 years , shoot a lot of game fairs but getting a bit pricey! had mainly been doing vermin control [rabbits and foxes] with a gamekeeper and friend using an estate rifle. 2 kids under 3 have slowed the clay and game shooting down so thought a change of hours would help! so put in for a fac in august last year and was granted one in march for deer stalking and fox control. went for a T3 varmint in stainless, 243, s+b 8x56, jet z moderator, single set trigger, harris bi pod. went for this set up because my friend has a sako 75 which i have shot and liked but this was slightly cheaper. live in north herefordshire. have found a lot of useful subjects on this forum. my wife is now a computer widow as well as a shooting one!!!!

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    Good man Jonathon,
    Sorry about the delay getting on the site, I hope that the wait was worth it!
    I look forward to reading your posts.

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    Welcome ........... hope you enjoy the site. Look foward to reading some posts from you in the near future.

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    Hi 243varmint
    I've got a lot out of this site and I'm sure you will too.
    Looking forward to hearing what you have got to say.
    All the best,

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    Hello mate,
    welcome to the site, there are years and years of experience on here.

    all the best

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    Hello and welcome,

    Do apologise to your missus for us, and you can tell her, if it helps, she is one of many, then run for the, but do make sure you take your rifle


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    welcome jonathon
    were abouts north herefordshire are you i know that area quite well as i went to holmelacy college and used to live in llandod often travelled to hereford and surrounding areas fishing on the wye and the lugg

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    hi stone
    live in a small village of pembridgr on a44. the patches i can shoot have mainly fallow and roe. seeing quite a few roe which is nice to see. do a fair bit of foxing so see quite a lot at night. talking to somebody a week ago and he has seen muntjac betwwen leominster and ludlow on the a49.

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    sorry about the spellings. not to good at one fingered typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i know it well such a lovely village with that beautifull long black and white property i admire every time i pass through , couple of tight bits but that the countryside for you
    i also hav heard of a sighting of muntjac just outside of presteigne but never had it confirmed
    i hav shot a bit around your area lamping and stalking from radnor forest up through kinnerton and just up the road from you by ammestrey (yatton to be precise ) got some roe there and few fallow too
    who do you use for all your shooting supplies? as there are not many around those neck of the woods

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