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Thread: How far do you travel

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    How far do you travel

    As title, I live in South Wales and for all my stalking I have to travel at least 100 miles one way,as the deer in Wales are a bit thin on the ground, it means traveling across the English and Scotish borders,until lately I always used to book a morning and evening stalk,traveling to venue in the early hours far an am stalk have a kip in the car ready for the pm stalk then drive home and to be completely honest by the night I was completely nackered,now I still have a morning and evening stalk but travel up in day time ready for the pm stalk, stay the night in a local hostelry ready for the am stalk,drive home in day light and a lot more refreshed,it adds a bit of extra cost but I really don't see a better way,sorry if this story is a bit boring but I was just wondering how other people done it.

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    Same here Landy. Get out of Wales free then hammer down the English roads, evening session, excellent B&B, am and pm, back to the B&B, am and off. Pay to get back into Wales. Excellent value in every respect!
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Nearest 3 mins across the valley,and farthest 30 mins. But,before you say it,I know I am very lucky.


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    we go as far as swindon and many places always nice to get back to gods country

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    Nearest 3 mins across the valley,and farthest 30 mins. But,before you say it,I know I am very lucky.

    Can I come and live with you,

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    only ever been to scotland and its a bloody long way but i loves it

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    did some stalking in blackdown mountains but now scotland leave thursday either b/b or camp back sunday night nackered but can not be beaten when your there

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    10 miles for me, went to check the land last week only got 10o acres next to a big wood, but on one field was 12 deer, just one buck but no safe shot so another day for him.......soon be November

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    Half an hour, or twenty miles whichever you prefer as a measurement. Fallow stepping on each others backs when I get there so worth the drive. I have driven, and even flown further for my sport, but it's always worth it.


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    i have a 120 acre site that yeilds 6/8 deer a year 7 miles from my house only one this year but thats my choice
    65 miles away i have 300 acres where i have counted 12 roe does never shot one on it yet
    have syndicate place 130 miles away which yields 7/10 a year on 5 at the moment not back now till does but freezer full so it will be late nov
    have 3000 acres 75 miles away with some deer on it shot none yet as i cant get near his foxes and that was the deal foxes for deer.... their days coming ha ha

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