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Thread: how not to cross a burn !

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    how not to cross a burn !

    Backing up my pc this evening and found this. Made me smile tonight, I don't remember smiling much at the time

    I set off in the dark to try and get above the hinds coming back to the wood, I never even managed to chamber a round. I spent 3 hours trying to get out of this burn. Credit to the bike it was submerged a few times and after taking out the spark plug and spinning it on the started and got me back to road.

    Still haven't got the winch I said I would, but I also haven't been stuck like it since.

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    bet that water was cold

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    I forgot to write that the pic was taken 150 yards downstream from the where I initially got stuck. It was another 40 yards and another complete submersion before it reached a bit I could get out. I had to keep pushing it back in to allow it to float/sink it's way downstream. Yes it was cold. Glad I always have apare socks and trousers in the Landy during winter.

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    Winches are for wusses


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    oh how i know the feeling only mines ended up on top of me!!!no damage to the bike(or me) but it was a night mare trying to get it out myself tho it did start once it had sat for a while

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    always better with some meat on the tyres too brrrrrrrrrr cold

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    Just looked at the top pic again, is it just my eyes, or is the engine on the missing list


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    sure looks like sombody stole the engine to me lol..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggy_f View Post
    sure looks like sombody stole the engine to me lol..
    Maybe that's why it got stuck

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    Its not a Candid Camera stunt this is it?
    Your names not Johnathen Routh by any chance?

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