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Thread: A bit of advice reqired

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    A bit of advice reqired

    Hi Everybody
    What do you all think of this little gem
    Last november a friend of mine was having a few domestic difficulties, the police were called to the family residence nobody was arrested or cautioned, his wife went to stay with a friend and my mates shotgun was removed to the police station, a few days later the police called again to ask for his shotgun certificate he couldn't find it.A few days after this he left the family home and moved into digs. In april or may his certificate ran out and the police still have his shotgun. Today the police turn up and interviewed him and are going to charge him with failing to notify them of a change of address
    Comments please
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    Sounds to me like he was in posession of a firearm which he could not produce a valid certificate for and he then went on to fail to notify the Police of his change of address. A bit of bad housekeeping maybe and it could of happened to the best of us but it doesn't change the facts as the Police and CPS will see it. JC

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    bit of bad luck and bad judgement

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    The regulations state that you don't have to inform the police of the change of address until you have moved your guns and cabinet, and as the police have his guns I don't see that he has to inform them or am I wrong.

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    sikadog, I would check on that one! Perhaps it would have been better if the guy had kept the firearms department informed of change of address.

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    Hope the cps see sense on this one. They are useless,in my opinion. They had me persecuted a while ago, idiots. I wish him all the best in which was probably, a very difficult personal situation. Regards, Ed.

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    It seems rather offensive.
    Plod wanted his SGC but he could not find it. Did they then revoke it or what was said to him about this?
    Had plod has the SGC he would not have been charged, but it does depend on what situation the police left it in. Did they still want the SGC when he could find it? or did they not want it even though they asked for it?

    Given that the police sought to seize the SGC but were unable to I don't think they should have charged him with failure to notify a change of address because the police wanted to seize his SGC.
    And particularly that the SGC has expired I am amazed at this.

    And I think Sikadog is quite right in what he is saying.

    There is a piece of advice on the BASC web site about address changes but I am not sure that it covers your friends situation very well.

    From which the relevant passage is the third paragraph:
    The requirement to notify a change of address arises from the Firearms Rules 1998 and forms a
    condition in the Shotgun or Firearm Certificate which requires that “The holder of this certificate
    must, without undue delay, inform the chief officer of police by whom the certificate was granted of any
    change in his permanent address.”
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    Hi All
    My mate has now asked the police to check the pocket of the gunslip they took the gun away in,if it is in there they have had the certificate since day one.Also seeing that he is still staying in b+b he still is not in permanent accommodation so does not have to inform them yet.This is my view anyway

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    Geordieh, Instead of the actions of the Police or CPS you should be looking at the actions of your mate and ask "what does he expect". In NOV 2009 his shotgun is taken possession off but it would appear that his SGC was not revoked. I would take this as the Police removing the firearm till he got himself sorted. At this time HE fails to locate his certificate. Same month HE moves out (That is now 11 months ago). HE then fails to apply to renew his Certificate that expired in APRIL/MAY obviously having not responded to correspondence re it's renewal. And no wonder because HE has not informed the Police as to a change of address. The Police, now wanting to speak to him regarding the situation have to waste time making enquiry to trace him. Whatever the situation your mate finds himself in it's his fault and not the Police nor the CPS.

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    although gazza has said what i wanted to i cant believe we are even debating the matter, he was wrong the plod where right end off.
    as for not been able to locate your sgc erm dont think so....
    its too important a document to not know where it is.
    no sympathy vote here

    oh the next thing we will get is, he was not getting his mail or didnt know when it was due for renewal because he was not in possession of cert....


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