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Thread: H4H 2010, Raffle and Auction

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    H4H 2010, Raffle and Auction

    Thank you again to all the Admin Staff and Members for their support this year to our Serving members of HM Forces, another year with countless fatalities and wounded Serving Members of our Armed Forces.

    All members please be aware that the Stalking Directory takes NO responsibility for items listed in the Auction/Raffle, the item donator will be responsible for listing and supplying the goods once the Auction/Raffle has been closed.

    All contact MUST be made direct to the item donator and not to the STALKING DIRECTORY ADMIN, this can be done via PM or if you have personal contact with them, phone number etc.....

    This year the H4H Auction/Raffle will be running until the 20th Dec 2010. At midday, all bids will close and raffle tickets will cease to be sold.

    Raffle tickets will be in the form of electronic numbers controlled by the person donating the item, how the winner gets chosen from the raffle must be detailed in the post for that item.

    ALL purchases for tickets MUST be made direct to the item donator, please do not post any questions or replies on the post thread, as this will only add to confusion and may lead to the original post becoming a debate. All queries prior to buying a ticket must be sent via PM. You do not need to add that you have sent a PM stating you had made a bid or asked a question or anything else.

    The item donator for the raffle can and will update the thread with raffle ticket buyers so you know if you have bought a ticket, there will be no limit to tickets bought, but NO discount for bulk purchases will be allowed. The item donator will also annotate how many tickets have been bought-

    ie- tartinjock x 4

    The item donator, has the complete right to set the ticket price, once the item is listed, this will NOT change.

    Items for auction will run along the same lines, All bids will be sent via PM to the item donator, do not bid on the thread, the item donator can and will update the winning bid as and when they come in by editing his original post; they will also list the current winner.

    ie- tartinjock 30

    If you are listing an item, can you please add on the listing if it's a Raffle item or Auction item.

    Once any bid has been placed on the thread, the current highest bidder has full obligation to pay the winning cost within 7 days of completion of the auction at 1200hrs 20th Dec 2010.

    All bids placed prior to this date and time will be accepted should there be a last minute rush on that day, all bids after that time will be VOID. The item donator has full responsibility over this; they can see when a PM was sent. Should 2 bids be the same the first bidder will have the winning bid.

    How to Buy-

    To buy a raffle ticket or to pay for your winning bid on an auction, or just to donate, please follow this link >>>>Donate Here<<<< and follow the instructions, when paying, in the comments put your FULL NAME, SD USERNAME, THE ITEM YOUR BUYING RAFFLE TICKETS ON AND QTY OF TICKETS REQUIRED. Once you have bought your raffle ticket(s), PM the item donator, and pass on YOUR FULL NAME, SD USERNAME AND QTY OF TICKETS TO BUY. The item donator will then add your name to the thread for that item, once they have confirmed you have added funds to the Justgiving page.

    ie- tartinjock x 4
    another buyer x 3
    another buyer x 1
    another buyer x 10

    This will confirm that they have your PM and that your tickets have been purchased.
    I hope that this is not to long winded, but learning from prior experience, it’s better to get all this cleared up from the moment it’s up and running and not changing once items are listed.

    All that’s left to say is, “Good luck everyone”, thank you again to the Admin and Members of this fantastic Site.

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    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Schmidt and Bender- 3-12x50 Scope, Brand New, in the box, will be posted 1st Class once the winner has been selected.

    Draw will take place within 24 hours of the Raffle closing, to allow me to get all ticket buyers names sorted and into a hat. I will try to get Gregor Macleod of Macleods of Tain >>his web site<< to pick the winner as he has very kindly donated the item.

    Tickets for this raffle can be purchased >>>HERE<<< and each ticket will cost 10.

    Please PM me once you have donated

    Come on everyone, lets make this a good year.

    Many Thanks TJ



    PM Me your address, I'll pass it onto Gregor
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    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Hi TJ

    I'll put up a lot again for auction

    A full days stalking in Feb/March in Herefordshire/Worcestershire. Can be split Saturday pm / Sunday am, local farmhouse B&B available if required at extra cost.

    Buyers choice Muntjac or Fallow or even an outing on each, no limit on Muntjac bucks and does or Fallow does/prickets one mature Fallow buck can be taken if seen.

    Come on guys get donating and bidding.


    High bidder

    Martyn52 250
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    Thumbs up

    LOT II


    I will supply new and boxed a complete cctv system for the raffle

    Four cameras
    One digital video recorder
    19 inch monitor
    100 meters of cable
    Power supply for cameras

    The four cameras consist of static dome day night cameras
    These are colour during the day and automatically switch to black and white when dark.
    They have infra red leds for vision to 14 metres. The dvr has 250 gb hard drive.
    Colour vga monitor
    Delivery to uk included

    Normal retail price for this kit is 450

    i dont know how do the set up tartan jock does so i will accept bids for this by pm and highest wins. hope that makes sense lads

    spec of kit as requested
    sorry for delay

    cameras Nextchip DSP 470TVL 3.6mm Lens 0 Lux 24pc IR Led 25m Range
    monitor 19" VGA + Audio TFT
    dvr H.264 Compression, D1 recording @ 6fps per channel, Realtime CIF, 4 Channel Playback, Dual Stream, Mobile Phone Compatible, 2 Channel Audio, Uniformed Apollo Software and Operation, VGA and BNC Input

    david1976 75 WELL DONE SO FAR

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    Not Raffle this time, AUCTION
    Timber highseat
    The following is up for auction, total procedes to the charity,

    Built but never used, 8' to floor, Shooting rail 11". Built to seat two stalkers. Collection West Lothian only,

    PM me with bids and I will update. Please indicate if you want your name withheld from the site, Jim

    Opening bidder is Gazza, 50. ( He knows what he is buying, he already has one of my seats, Jim
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    Quality Roe Buck Stalk- Ayrshire

    For Auction

    Is the chance of a Quality Roe Buck, with the chance of it being a Medal, April/May 2011, dates to be finalised with the winning bidder and donator once the auction has closed.

    An estate rifle can be used if required.
    This can also be the chance of an AW Stalk if wanted. The carcass remains the property of the estate, but the winner, will get some prepaired venison to take home at the end of the day.

    It will be approximatly a 3 hour morning outing with breakfast and trophy prep thrown in.

    Location is Ayrshire.
    Guide price for this is a mear 60.

    This item was donated by 6 Pointer
    WINNER - Lee Stroud 120
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    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    BED and BREAKFAST in LONDON for 2 ...........see the lights etc........

    Do you fancy Christmas shopping in London and to see the lights............
    Bed and Breakfast on Friday and or Saturday night..( to be arranged by mutual agreement )
    Home in the East of London a mile and a half from the southern end of the M 11. Parking in the street. Tube stations within a mile and a half from the house. Straight into the West End. Two terriers to jump on you when they get a chance. Last years winner had no complaints so what about it.............send your wife to Oxford Street and
    visit Hardys and Purdeys or even Berettas showrooms.

    FOR AUCTION.............................Recommended opening bid 65.

    16th December..................winning bid now stands at 70.
    Last edited by mbp; 20-12-2010 at 16:07. Reason: AUCTION OVER............Winner is TRUFFLEHUNTING with a bid of 70.

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    Sorry folks, this lot has been apologies...Frax
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    A morning or evening stalk with Dauntsey Vale Deer Management in North Wiltshire, for either roe (doe or cull buck) or muntjac. Easy access of M4 (J17). B&B can be arranged for an additional fixed donantion of 25. Novices welcome - estate rifle available.
    This is being posted on behalf of a non-SD member, who I have stalked with over the past 5 + years.

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    Up for Auction.

    A days Wild Goat Stalking in Galloway.
    Stunning scenery with challenging stalking.
    All Participants must be reasonably fit and insured.
    You will of course need to have the relevant wording on your Firearms certificate.


    My apologies for those that have bid, my messaging and email account have been screwed up by malware.
    To all those that have bid can you please resend your bids so that I can update the thread..


    Wiltshire boy bid 100
    Miffy Bid 105
    Gadget bids 120
    Wiltshire boy ups his bid to 140
    Miffy ups bid to 145
    Mereside bids 155
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