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Thread: Hi to all from new member

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    Hi to all from new member

    Hi all
    Got recommended to join this site by another member and I must say it looks really good.
    I'm from Newbury in Berkshire and have recently taken up stalking.
    Have always done shot gunning before but wanted to try something different. I'm really enjoying the sport and am concentrating on mainly Roe and Muntjac for the time being.
    Looking forward to posting in due course.
    Bye for now


    CZ452 American .22lr 16" with P'hale mod & Tasco 8x50
    Tikka T3 Hunter .243 with Sm'dt & Bender 8x56
    CZ550 American 7x57
    AYA Mod 4 sxs 12 bore
    WR Pape 1901 sxs 16 bore
    and just for fun-
    Bolt action 9mm Garden Gun (great for rats)

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    Hi Buckstalker,
    It's always good to see a member joining from a recommendation. I'm sure you will learn a lot on the site and hopefully get to meet some of us on the various events we have planned.

    All the best mate,

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    hi buckstalker
    good to hear that you were recommended to this site from others that are here allready
    hope you enjoy and start to post soon

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    Hi Buckstalker,

    Welcome to the site.

    I too shoot a CZ550 in 7x57 - great rifle and awesome calibre. If you dont mind me asking what ammunition do you find works best for you?


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    You are joining a really good crowd on here.

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    welcome aboard mate, it's good to have you here.

    7mm, great calibre. i use 7mm08 with 145 gr bullets. it is great


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    good to have another west berks member.

    Gary J.

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    Welcome to the site, I have a CZ550 American in 6.5, I also have a CZ 22lr and an AYA SBS, you are obviously a discerning man


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