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Thread: Youngs ''303'' Gun Oil

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    Youngs ''303'' Gun Oil

    Youngs 303 gun oil from Parker Hale (125ml Cans)

    Weve got 41 new cans of this stuff, every time we bought a new gun wed get the gunshop to throw a load in and to be honest we just cant get through it all!

    As ive mentioned to a few of you guys, this is just some more of our gear that were clearing out before our move to New Zealand.

    3.00 a can for a minimum of 5 cans, simply to get the postage cost to stack up.

    Plus P&P of 3.60 for the 5 cans. Will have to find out what the cost is if anyone wants to buy more.

    Cheers, James
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    I love the stuff... very handy >

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I love the stuff... very handy >
    Absolute Classic is that!
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    Anyone ever done this??

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