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Thread: Just a word of Caution

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    Just a word of Caution

    A couple of weeks ago, I was travelling south on the A9, unfortunatley my timing belt went on the Astra (Now Scrapped). I was stuck at the roadside, on a left hand bend with a road sign blocking my car from oncoming traffic. I decided the best thing to do was to push the car off the road.

    Now, I don't class myself as a fitness guru, but I don't consider myself to be unfit.

    Attachment 3005

    Attachment 3003

    Attachment 3004

    While pushing the car, I felt the most weird pain shoot up from my ancle to my knee and I instantly dropped, I was in agony. The bruising you can see goes from just under my knee to my toes. The calf on my left leg had eventually swollen up to twice it's normal circumference, causing immence pain and discomfort.

    It appears I tore my Achillies tendon and my calf muscle.

    I am posting this on here as a warning, especially at this time of year, not when cars/vehicles are more than likely to break down, but the possability of getting stuck at this time of year, and the inevetable long winter with muddy tracks or snow covered tracks causing you to be stuck.

    If this does happen, and you are needing to push your vehicle, I would suggest that to do it, you lean against the vehicle with your back, and push backwards, using your thighs, do not lean into the vehicle and push forwards.

    As my injury now is a long term, I have been told it's about 2 months physio to mend the Achillies tendon and muscle tear, then the rehab to get my muscle as strong as my right leg, this could take upto 6 months for a complete recovery.

    Not something I would ever like to do again.

    Take care if you do get stuck, and if you do, please don't push forwards.........
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    i ave done exactly the same myself before but different method i was jumping from a high platform and rather than landing flat on my feet i landed 1 foot flat the other had turned inwards thus making me land on my ankle you could say i swore slightly but ve always suffered with slight problems ever since and i did tis In Northern ireland in 2000 so ensure you do get proper physio and have if sorted good and proper

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    Jock i hope you have a quick recovery ! Looks an awfull injury.



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    really sorry to hear that hope you get better soon looks nasty,over winter i have an extra jacket and spade plus rope just in case but over winter i went stalking with john robson and it was snowing very hard i left johns and went home my normal route back roads now my van goes anywhere in snow as i have narrow wheels anyway the snow had drifted along the road and it was just up to my front bumper but kept going and round the next corner a youth in a citreon had grounded out on top of the snow so i stopped . i got my spade and went to help now this kid was in a t shirt and jeans no jacket and trainers he sat in the car while i dug him out and pushed him off a few hundred yrds. later he was stuck again so i walked down and did the same again this time i pushed him till he kept going and the road was better as there was some hedge cover.i turned round to walk back to my van and hadnt noticed how hard it was snowing and when i got to my van the snow was upto my lights and i tried to set off and yes i was stuck fast and as quick as i could dig the snow was blowing back and i couldnt dig fast this point i was really peed off and was just locking it up to abandon the van when i saw some lights further back and a chap in his landy came steaming along and we chained it up to the van and pulled it free sorry for waffelling but you took me back to that moment,wayne

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    I did both my achilles jumping off tractors in New Zealand- didn't bother with physio and now have 2 huge lumps of scar tissue on the back of my ankles, it's absolute agony and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Good luck with the physio and hope you have a speedy recovery!

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    sorry to hear that we wish you a speedy recovery
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    Not good news mate, hope the recovery goes well.
    Oh, try and keep it warm, the cold will make the healing process slower.


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    Bad luck and fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

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    Headly court, Stuart . Or a good clinical osteopath that deals with sports injuries that does acupuncture method :RICE.

    What ever the choice 6 to 12 weeks with anything up to 18 month depending on how active you are , thats another way to delay your posting. lol.

    No stretching before exercise mmmm, the very reason walking is so good for us all it has its own built in warm up, nothing like shutting the gate after the horse is out the paddock .

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    Best wishes Jock hope it mends soon...And get that physio

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